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December 12, 2016 - Augusta / Evans, GA

Hey Y'all!

It definitely was a week out of the ordinary for me! Having a bronchitis definitely wasn't expected and came out of nowhere, but I'm doing a lot better than I was earlier this week. I'm not sure how much Sister Finlinson told you but the doctor prescribed three prescriptions for my bronchitis.  I'm trying to get as much rest as I can there have been a few events this past week that I had to be at and prepare for and some unexpected events that I'll tell you in my letter, but yes I'll try to slow down as much as possible.

As for my week, it was a bit out of the ordinary but it was one to remember!

On Monday night, elder Goodsell and I helped out with a baptism for an 8 year old and gave talks on the Holy Ghost and baptism. After the baptism there were a few kids in the gym playing basketball that a member invited to play at the church. Bishop had some things he needed to do so he asked us if we would stay and wait til these guys got done before we locked up the building. I was like YEAH! So all four of us missionaries got to play basketball against 5 guys and we won!! It was sooo much fun and I hadn't played at that tempo in a while and it was good to get back in the game speed of things! The people we were playing with asked us a bunch of questions and they were interested  in how I left basketball and came to serve the Lord for 2 years and they were pretty interested. 

On Tuesday, I woke up and started feeling pretty fatigued for no reason and for me that is really out of the ordinary and I woke up with a really bad sore throat and cough and the bronchitis started... However we had a meeting in Macon that day for the Zone Leaders so instead of getting rest we went to a meeting in Macon. The meeting was really motivational and lots of ideas and thoughts really helped me figure out what more I could do in my mission and how can I serve better. Elder Ballard gave a training for the "Windows of Heaven". It's where as missionaries we pray to know where the Lords elect is, and how God leads us to these people. We plan to be an area and talk to everyone that we see, he shared many stories of different  blessings and people he has met through doing the finding activity called Windows of Heaven. We are excited to try it this next week. Because I was coming down with Bronchitus I had to leave the room multiple times to blow my nose and I felt bad because I was disrupting but its not like I just couldn't be there. After the meeting was over I drove the Augusta zone leaders back to their area and it was a very fun car ride back haha!

On Wednesday, I woke up and I was very fatigued and in my head I was staying positive and telling myself it was a cold but after trying to focus and go through the day I was just being drained and I was like it's not like me not to have energy. Because of the plentiful amount of meeting we have in December, we only had one day to prepare ourselves and everyone else for ZTM. After planning for ZTM, we had a few hours to go and see people and we were able to teach a few people about the Restoration and had some good success. We actually had one guy on a porch call us over because we saw me cough and sneeze a few times in a row in the street and he handed me some cough drops and some medicine and I thought that was very thoughtful. (Don't worry the medicine hadn't been opened yet). That night we had dinner at the Bridge's home and at this point in the day I was drained physically and for me it was just a strange day because I kept saying to myself it's not like me to not have energy. After dinner we had bible class in which I was able to rest a little bit. We were almost ready to get some rest except for an appointment at 8:00 with one of our investigators. We helped teach Justin Carabello the rest of the Plan of Salvation and I was so glad that we went over and talked to him. He had a really spiritual moment and realized how much sense the Plan of Salvation has and how much of truth there is. The only downside to the whole lesson was it was outside in a brisk night where I was sick and knowing it was good for me to be outside, but for the pain/discomfort I felt, it was all worth it because Justin felt that love and comfort. 

On Thursday, I woke up and knew it was going to be a rough day for me. We had ZTM and we had a bunch of small details we had to straighten out in not a whole lot of time. In the end we got everything figured out and we headed out the door for ZTM. I was feeling pretty fatigued/runny/stuffy nose/cough/chest congestion/body aches/ and a HEADACHE! I was worried as to how ZTM would go with only one day to prepare but I said a prayer and prayed for strength and I know that God granted that to me because for some reason during ZTM I had my energy back. I still didn't feel 100% but I felt well enough. ZTM was a really powerful, and spiritual meeting. My training went really well and I trained about living what you learn, but a good majority of it was motivated and finding your passion to overcome hard times. I know for me before my mission a huge motivation for me in overcoming hard times was my love for my family and for reaching my dreams. For all of us to reach our potential and work through hard times you have got to find what you love and have a passion for improvement and never be complacent. Life was meant to be easy, if it was easy there would be no point for us to be here on earth. Growth comes from willingly giving of yourself to satisfy ones need. After ZTM, we were driving to get some lunch and we were at this stoplight and this man started talking to me in his car. He asked a few questions and I offered him a #Lightheworld pass-along card and he accepted and the spirit prompted me to ask him if he-d like a Book of Mormon and he said he would!! It was my first time teaching someone at a stoplight and it worked out better than anticipated! That night I was completely wiped and didn't feel good. We had one important lesson we had to be at, but after that we went home and I got some Mucinex DM and went to sleep.

On Friday, I tried to get as much sleep as I could but its hard to get sleep when you have to cough every 10 seconds. In the morning we went to the doctors and I got scene by a member to help me figure out what I had in my system. Waiting in the waiting room I talked to this elderly man who gave me some advice about college and commended us for being away from home around Christmas. But I got looked at by the doctor and turns out that I had I had really bad congestion in my chest and it was bad enough they needed to give me a steroid shot in my butt haha. Yep it was a first haha:) I then breathed through this tube where a medicine I would inhale would open up my chest and help me breathe. It seemed to really help and I'm glad for modern medical science! That night we went to the Broach's home for dinner and had some potato soup, and I was still getting over the medicine and the steroid shot had me feeling kind of funny. But we also helped Sister Lawry set up a printer. Sister Lawry is a nurse and she was able to help me out with my symptoms and gave me some in home remedies to help me.

On Saturday, we had planned for the day to be a day where I could rest and get better but it turned into the busiest day of the week... I guess the Lord wanted us to be out workin' that day. To start off, all six elders here split up into teams of three and three of us went to ultimate Frisbee and the other three went to go help a nonmember move. I went and watched people play ultimate Frisbee/ babysat some kids on the sideline. After Frisbee we went and helped set up the ward Christmas party. After that we went to help the other Elders finish the move. It ended being a really big move and we had to manage our time because we also had to bake cookies for the party and get ready for the ward Christmas party. We gave the cookies to Sister Tippett to bake and helped finish the move and then at the party we were in charge of food challenges where we had set up the doughnut on the string challenge and the saltine challenge which the kids ended up loving!  The Christmas party was awesome and the talent show was one to remember!

On Sunday, the highlight of the day was at night we had dinner with sister Lawry and Brother Criswell came over and we talked about temples and her temple experience. Sister Lawry is awesome and I cant wait til she is sealed to her husband soon!

I LOVE Y'ALL and I know my letter made it seem like I was on my deathbed, but I'm feeling a lot better and life is good! My favorite scripture this week is Alma 37:7 "And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about this great and eternal purposes; and by very small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth about the salvation of many souls."

You never know how much good you do in the world, the small things that seem like nothing often times mean the most in the end.

-Elder Hill
MLC December 2016

ZTM December 2016

Evans Christmas Party December 2016!

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