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January 2, 2017 - Augusta / Evans, GA

Hey Y'all!

Wow what a memorable week it has been and it definitely has been one to remember! I cant believe it is 2017!! I'm really trying to enjoy the moment cause I know its going to fly by like crazy! 
We had a very memorable week to cap off 2016 and we finished that memorable year in style!

On Monday, we had a few complications come up with planning where the members planning to attend Madison's baptism wouldn't be able to make it because it was at 11:00 and they wouldn't be there cause they were at work. At that point we had exchanges planned for Wednesday with the AP's on Wednesday after the baptism but because we now moved it to 7:00 we wouldn't be able to do exchanges til Thursday. Elder Ballard was planning to come here to Evans and he served here before so there were a few appointments we had set up for him to see some old friends so we had to rearrange the appointments to Thursday and also let all the members know the time changed. It was very hectic and stressful with lots of small details to figure out but in the end we made a plan as to how we were going to make it all work. It is amazing how the Lord works in mysterious ways for a few reason that I'll explain later in my email.

On Tuesday,  we had very busy morning straightening out the plans and ensuring that the baptism would go well. We then went to North Augusta for exchanges and saw many miracles on exchanges as well. I went on exchanges with Elder Richards and we first started out by riding our bikes over to an elderly lady's home where she wanted help raking her leaves. As it turns out that she had raked them that day but she invited us in to watch Light the world. After we showed her the video she broke down in tears and said"They have nothing like this at the Methodist church" We then watched a bible video and she was captivated and wanted to know alot about how the church functions and our beliefs. As we explained the Book of Mormon and how it came to be the Sp[irit was very strong. She asked if we could give her a blessing and this is where the miracle comes in. That morning I was going through my bag throwing away trash and things I didn't need anymore and I came across an old oil vile Elder Weston left for me, I had no need for it cause I had one but for some reason I felt I should keep it. Fast forward to later that day and this lady asked for a blessing and my oil vile was in the van in Evans and Elder Richards forgot his and I was thinking and recalled the oil vile in my bag. I knew it was empty because I saw this morning it was empty, but as I looked inside and there was a drop left. So either I didn't look hard enough that morning or God saw it fit to put another drop in the vile but nonetheless it was a miracle and we were able to give her a blessing! We met many people while biking including a man on Seal team 6. We biked close to 15 miles and met lots of people, where we had good and bad interactions but that's all part of the fun of being a missionary.

On Wednesday, we exchanged back with our companions and caught back up with all the craziness that happened the other day. We had district meeting and we talked about meeting with the Stake President on Thursday and how we wanted to to organize it. With the exchange with the AP's being moved to Thursday I now wouldn't be able to be there for the meeting. We planned to meet with the Stake President to talk about Spanish getting put back into the area, revamping bible class, and introducing a way to track missionary work through multimedia. After district meeting we went home and got ready for the baptism. We went to the Storrers home for dinner where we were eating dinner and a strawberry fell on my white shirt and stained the shirt I was going to baptize Madison in and we had close to 1:00 til the baptism. The Storrers took my short and put stain remover on it so I'd be able to wear it for the baptism. Meanwhile I got dressed in Brother Storrers polo shirt and went to the baptism to fill the font. The Martinez Bike Elders were dropped off to fill the font while we picked up the other Elders and took them to the baptism. I felt so out of place being the person baptizing dressed in a polo shirt, but about a half hour before the baptism they showed up with the shirt and I got dressed and everything worked out. But man talk about a stressful way to start a baptism. So many people attended Madison Boswells baptism to support her. We had to move into the chapel to fit everyone and 4 investigators of ours came which was amazing. Baptizing Madison was a very special moment because you could see how much she had worked and wanted to be a member of Christs church. she stepped in the font and weas crying for joy for this moment and it was hard for me to not be emotional with her. Her parents and family were all supportive and after the baptism she was just crying out of the font and it was great to see someone so converted! It was a very special day and I'm so grateful for her commitment to be baptized!

On Thursday, we then drove to a small town close to Statesboro to exchange with the AP's. I went with Elder Ray to Macon while Elder Ballard and Elder Goodsell stayed in Evans. It's amazing how the Lord works because on Thursday they met with President Squires and because Elder Ballard was there and had served there before he was able to testify to him that these plans are good things. But because Madisons baptism was moved we exchanged on Thursday which meant elder Ballard was then able to be there for the meeting and it just shows that the lord is in control and knows whats best we just have to trust him. Exchanges with Elder Ray was awesome and I love talking to the people there and working with the office.

On Friday, we exchanged back and just to add to the stress pile I went to take a picture with my camera and my SD card somehow got corrupted and I had backed up all my pictures on USB's up to Monday but because it got corrupted I had potentially lost the baptism pictures and it made me upset, but I knew it would be okay and I'd figure out. Even though knowing that there was a chance I had lost that evidence of the baptism I was trying to stay positive. It turns out there was a member I went to to help me recover all my pictures and help me with restoring my SD card. So I was able to get them all back and backed up on a 64GB USB which made me feel a lot better about life. Its amazing how the spirit can give you ideas of things you should do and if its a good idea then do because good will come from it. Even after I had said a prayer to help me fix my SD card got expected me to go and work on fixing the problem but as I was thinking of solutions he helped me through the process.

On Saturday, we started the day off by playing Frisbee and I had a lot of fun getting my competitiveness out and running a bunch. We then had lunch with a member and contacted a people on the street and had a few doors slammed and people accepted all part of the fun!.

On Sunday, we had a great service and we were able to talk to a family who wants their kids baptized in two weeks so in two weeks we are preparing for another two baptisms!! Woohoo! Later that day we knocked a bunch of houses in the rain and there was this one guy who cussed us out just because we knocked at his door while he was eating dinner, we had another lady who loved our message and wants us to come back, and many other people who just didn't want any part of our message because they found and know everything about Jesus. Later that night we went to YSA where we invited an investigator to come and she had a great time and had a lot of fun!

I cant believe 2016 is gone but I'm excited for this big year for me and all the goals that I have to accomplish. The church is true and this past year has been to remember and I'll always remember 2016 for all the growing I've had

-Elder Hill
Macon, GA.

Madison Boswell's Baptism! 

Bikin' !!
The Sisters saw us talking to someone and took a picture haha!

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  1. What a great week! Glad you are able to see the Lord guiding your efforts!