Friday, July 3, 2015

Last Week in MTC

So much has happened here at the MTC and I hope I can remember it all. On Saturday the branch president game me a calling as the Sacrament table coordinator so on Sunday I was able to pass the sacrament and bless it on next Sunday. Sunday was really good, we were shown a talk by Elder Bednar that is only seen in the MTC called the Characteristics of Christ. Monday was the first day we were allowed in the cafeteria in 1M because of the general authorities here last week and the food has been good. It seems like I'm one of the few people here that eat healthy cause everyone else eats like 10 donuts a meal and stuffs their face with GMO's lol but the food is really good. I've been eating lots of fruit, water, salad, steak, and veggies. It was also the first day we are able to play basketball and I'm now known as the baller around here lol. There were people watching my team play whenever we played so you could say I'm known around here. On Tuesday we heard from Elder Sitaki from the Seventy and it's hard listening to his accent but it was good. I met my great some lady  with a sister Hill tag on and she said she was my great aunt. Since we did the choir so I believe she was the lady mom was talking about.Oh, and in the morning I did my laundry in between classes which was really sketchy cause you aren't supposed to do it on a day that isn't your pday but luckily I got it done.   Wednesday we were just doing classroom studies and teaching fake investigators and dunkin on kids in gym. On Thursday we had the longest day of our lives cause we had a in field orientation for 8 hours and my bottom was sore. Although last night we sang with some Tongans hymns in their language and it made the day. Another cool thing that happened was my companion got decorations for the forth of July and we made our room noticeable to everyone haha. It's kind of interesting everyone knows us and we are considered veterans even though we have only been here a week.

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