Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015 - Hephzibah, Georgia

Elder Hinton and I have biked quite a bit more than we normally do this past week. We ended up riding 30-35 miles each day this week because everything is so spread out that driving in a car would be detrimental to the amount of miles we get each month. Don't worry water is my new best friend haha besides Christ. I also met someone tin our ward that used to live in Westminster on 104th in Colorado! Their names are Brother and Sister Spittle. They are great people and it was great meeting someone who understands how great the mountains are. You sure do miss seeing mountains when your surrounded by 100 foot tall trees. The people here are very unique and some people won't open the door for you because of the neighborhood they live in so it's interesting proclaiming the gospel screaming at a door. We have met a lot of soldiers from the Army that train at fort Gordon which is in Augusta. Every house here has a flag waving in front of their house down here, it's either an American flag or a Confederate flag haha.

I've really grown a lot this week and I stopped counting the days when I get home and surprisingly it's going by way faster haha. Funny how things work isn't it... I really appreciated the biking accessories, the pictures, and the letter. It was definitely given at a needed time and it really helped both of us out a lot! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Elder Mitchell Hill
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  1. Hi Elder Hill
    It would appear my.comments on your posts aren't surviving my attempts to post them, but I hope you know we appreciate your updates. 100 foot trees... nice to think about. Don't forget that we think you're someone who we look up to as well. Thanks for your service.
    Bro. Call

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    1. Hi Brother Call,

      We appreciate all of your posts, however because this was a duplicate, I removed it. Comment all that you would like :)

  3. Hey Mitchell! I hope you are doing well. It was good to read your blog and see what is happening in your life. Keep up the good work.

    Things here are good and we are getting ready for school to start up. I will check the blog regularly. Keep up the good work!