Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 24, 2016 - Augusta / Evans, GA

Hey Y'all!

 It has been a pretty good week, lots of progress with some of ours investigators and great spiritual moments!

On Tuesday, Elder Weston and I hopped on the bikes and headed to Sister Coopers neighborhood to go and try to see some investigators there. We felt prompted to ask Sister Cooper if we could invite an investigator if she'd like to come to Sister Coopers house and visit with her. Sister Cooper is such a sweet lady and she had a lot of housework on her hands and we asked if we could help her and she said yes! She was trying to make room for a new entertainment center, so we moved some of her shelves and chairs around, we vacuumed, and made room for the entertainment center. After we helped her get everything situated we moved one of her rocking chairs that her grandma had into a spot in her home she had always wanted it to be. She was overjoyed with happiness that we were able to help her with all the changes in her home. It made us feel really good because she was happy and we were so glad we were able to help her out! Later that afternoon we had planned to go pray with a member and tract in their area. The member wasn't home so we decided to still work around in that area. All of a sudden as we were driving down the street a faint memory popped in my head of knocking on a referrals door a few months ago and we hadn't even thought of them since. I described what I could remember about the house to Elder Weston and he stared at me confused and couldn't remember the person I was trying  tell him about. All I could remember was chalk on the sidewalk from the kids and a large door. We kept driving and it hit me like a ton of bricks and I screamed "That's it!!!" We pulled over and I was like this is the house. So we were like lets try it! We knocked and a lady opened the door and her name was Garnet. We talked to her for a solid hour and a hlaf about our beliefs and her beliefs as a Catholic. We saw so many similarities in their emphasis on the priesthood and how they revere prayer. We started talked about life after death and our beliefs as to what happens. She talked about a purgatory state where we go before we go to Heaven or Hell and we both talked about how we believe in the spirit world and how the idea is similar. We talked about what happens to that boy in Africa who never hears about Jesus Christ and dies without knowing him, does he go to hell because he wasn't baptized? We talked to her about our temples and how here on earth we can be baptized for someone who has passed on and she said that makes so much sense. It was a great lesson and we are looking forward to seeing her this upcoming week. After the lesson I was just thinking about how the Holy Ghost works and how it brought that person to my remembrance at the very moment I needed it and probably when she needed it too. We had Papusas for dinner at the Gomez' house and they were sooo good! Gotta love genuine Mexican food! 

On Wednesday, we had District Meeting in Evans and it was a good one! We learned alot about gratitude, our attitude, and goals. We listened to President Uchtdorf talk on Gratitude and he talked about how often times we are thankful to God after the trial we have is over, but we should also be grateful for the trial that we are currently in. God doesn't give us a trial we cant overcome so being grateful for the rain before the rainbow comes will help us look at trials as opportunities to grow rather than trying to hang on through the trial. He also talked about how life is full of everlasting beginnings not endings and our attitude will change the outcome of whatever trial we are experiencing which is so true. It's definitely easier said than done and its easy to get down on yourself, believe me I did it ALL the time but I'm slowly learning that there is a better way to handle those situations. We also talked about how goals are so necessary for getting better. Without goals we wouldn't be shooting for anything and it would be hard to gauge how well you are doing or what you need to do to improve. Goals show us what our desires are and help us feel good when we accomplish them or on the flip side help motivate us to do better. It was a great meeting and I learned a lot. Later that afternoon we went to Rosemary Luby's home and helped her finish her backyard. We had a lot she wanted us to get done. Elder Weston dug holes in the ground trying to get poles with cement slabs on them out of the ground. While I used a sledgehammer and smashed concrete slabs that she wanted thrown out. It was a lot of fun and there's nothing that makes you sweat or feel more manly than smashing cement with a sledge hammer haha! We ripped out a chain link fence and had to dig out a lot of her yard to get the oles out of the ground.The poles have been in the ground since the 70's and they were very hard to get out. Dirt in Georgia is clay, very hard clay so we put some water in the hole and let it soak, we were able to get the pole out and got super muddy. Again I wanted to get a picture but it wouldn't destroyed my camera ,but just know I was one muddy boy haha:) We hustled to dinner and changed in like .2 seconds jk but it sure felt that fast!

On Thursday, we stopped over at Rosemarys home and finished up the service for her and she was overjoyed and loved her "new" backyard because it looked like we remodeled her backyard! She was very thankful and we were able to read some of the Book of Mormon with her! She said it was very interesting and she said she'd read it when she has a few minutes! We were like "LETS GOOOOO!" We also found the largest, slimiest slug known to man and dont worry we did take a picture of that one because it was impressive! Later that night we had a slower night alot of people rejected us and our plans fell through but its okay there's always another door to try:)

On Friday, we planned a good majority of the day. We went over to the Andersons home and helped them put in a new rug for their front room. The highlight of the day was definitely going to Dan Ngyuen's home and having rice, collard greens, beans, and some fried chicken. Very southern and it was great! We had a very spiritual lesson with her after the dinner. We talked about how the Book of Mormon has blessed her in her life. She smiled and just told us about how much better her day goes when she reads the Book of Mormon and she has loved reading it as much as she can. She was talking about how much her life has changed over the past few months and she never would have thought she would be where she is at spiritually and she knows is because of the Book of Mormon and acting on faith. Dan is planning to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead on November 5th and we are soo excited for her progress. We left her with "The Testaments" movie and she said she was tingling on her back when we were telling her about how Christ ministered to the people in America after his Resurrection. It was an awesome lesson! Then following that we had lesson with Christian Luciano and Cynthia. Christian is a Sergeant in the Army and is very busy all the time and its been hard to talk to both of them. We talked about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and they agreed that if they found it to be true they wanted to be baptized! So we are excited for them too!

On Saturday, we woke up to a Brisk 47 degrees and it was the happiest day of my life!! Kidding but it made me sooo happy! We had windy game of Frisbee and lots of people came to play and its been a great way to help people feel comfortable with missionaries. That afternoon we helped an elderly man with some his yard and he talked to us about the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln and all of the politics behind it. He was very knowledgeable and he had some civil war gear from his grandpa that was cool to look at. Then we tracted in a neighborhood where we approached the door and the man came to the door before we knocked on it and he knew someone from Waynesboro that I knew and he said he'd asked the member in Waynesboro for more information about the church! That night we had a lesson with the Meggins and it was super cool. We haven't

seen them in a while so it was great to catch up with him. He works in the stock market and he was a bit upset because he chose to back out of a deal to early and lost 25,000$. But it was a risky guess and he stayed conservative and missed it but he said its okay. Elder Weston and I drew pictures with their 4 year old son and in the end we shared a message with their family. I shared the story of Alma and Amulek and how they stoof up for their God even though they were forced to watch women and children burn and still kept the faith and when they were being tortured and being hit they still never doubted their belief in Christ. Then because of their immense amount of faith in Christ they were able to break the cords which bounds them and were freed and the people that hurt them were killed when the walls of the prison fell. Sister Meggins was prompted to ask a question to help her with a problem she was having and she definitely felt better after we gave her advice! 

On Sunday, Church was great and many members bore testimony on helping out with the hurricane relief in Hilton Head. The members said that the people who were affected thought that the "yellow shirts" were angels to us. They loved the members of the church and were grateful! Later that day we went to go see brother Griener and ran into a member of a very prominent church next door to us and we made plans to build Brother Greiner a ramp to his home. We had dinner with the Tippetts family and had a great visit with them! 

I LOVE Y'ALL and Have a great week!
-Elder Hill

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