Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 12, 2015 - Millidgeville, GA

The rain jacket is doing well, it doesn't rain as much here as it did in Waynesboro so that's a plus kind of. Thank you so much in advance for the package you know I love everything I get from you guys:) The campus here is really cool! It reminds me alot of Logan actually with main streets and buildings lining the roads instead of trees🌲
My week this week was pretty good. I'm not sure if Kevin has been white washed before but it's alot more difficult than it may seem. It's just been hard because we live like 6 miles away from another set of missionaries that cover the same area so we often run into places where they have tracted and it's frustrating. So we are still trying to find people to teach and we will keep working hard on that. Elder Schiers' bike broke down so we have had to walk like 15-20 miles a day so his bike should be fixed today so that will help alot. The other day I had an eye opening experience and it really irritated me. 

Elder Schiers and I were walking and we were faced with a decision to go into a project neighborhood that has drive by shootings often to cut some walking distance off or to go around it and make our walk 10 miles longer. So we walked through it and we were about through it when we came to a group of people smoking and we heard 2-3 year old kids raise their hands and say "Don't Shoot" "Don't Shoot" (they thought we were cops and it disgusted me... I was just like they are 2-3 years old and their parents are teaching them that white cops just shoot people regardless of what they do. And it was just a really wierd experience so we walked the other way and went up the next street, but don't worry nothing really bad happened.

My testimony in faith in Jesus Christ is really building and I really regret not spending as much time in the scriptures as I do out here. The scriptures contain so much guidance and they give us direction in life and I feel like I didn't use them to the best of my ability back home. But thats just another thing I've learned on my mission😀

I HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE A GOOD WEEK! I'll try to eat something you guys would be proud of but I have a scholarship in sight and I'd rather take that than a donut.🏀>>>  🍩

I LOVE YOU GUYS and thanks for all that you do for me!!

Elder Hill

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  1. Good definition of deferred gratification. Donut vs. Scholarship. Eternal life vs. Natural man.
    Great work.

  2. Good definition of deferred gratification. Donut vs. Scholarship. Eternal life vs. Natural man.
    Great work.