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October 19, 2015 - Millidgeville, GA

Hey Fam!!

I had a pretty good week here in good ol' Millidgeville. I'm not sure if you know but there are four missionaries in Millidgeville and we share a car, but we arent given the miles we need so we still bike 15-20 miles a day. My legs are getting Skrong:) Oh fun fact about the south, if there is a "t" in a word it suddenly turns into a "k". Example: Straight-Skraight  Stop-Skop.  It's very interesting haha. When I got my call and it said English on it, it really meant southern American Speaking because boy some words down here don't mean the same thing. On Saturday the whole Macon zone was able to work with the American Red Cross and the Macon fire department and we got to install free fire alarms for people who didn't have any in their homes. We tracted for 8 hours and installed over 400 fire alarms as a zone! It was awesome! The American Red Cross said they have never had that much success in their whole existence. (They probably haven't worked with Mormons before)☺ I'm sure we are on their website or something cause they took alot of pictures! Mom told me to eat something fun down here so a member from the ward made us jalapeno jelly. It was very interesting, it's hot and sweet at the same time it's interesting. 

The work in Millidgeville is going alright. The town is very stagnant and set in their ways, but we are doing our best to help people in Millidgeville see the truth. Elder Schiers and I were in a discussion with a lady named Shan Hill and this man pulled up in a white truck and said "Come over here!!" Elder Schiers just got up and went over and I was hesitant because of the sketchy area we were in and the fact that a girl in the back yelled "Don't do it!" So I followed him but I was cautious and it turns out that all he wanted to do is rebuke us. The lady in the passenger seat filmed us and all he wanted to do is just say everything we believed in was wrong. He was a preacher for the Lord is Light church and invited us to come. He was one of those kind of people that rearranged our answers to his questions to make him have the upper hand. Like he asked us 

"How do we have a relationship with God?"
I said" Through praying to God and acting on the promptings from the Holy Ghost."
He said" No, it's only through the Holy Ghost and prayer we receive guidance from God."
I was like "Didn't I just say that?"

Anyway there's alot of work needed to be done here in Millidgeville but that doesn't scare me. I hope your week goes well and my testimony is growing and I'm doing well!

-Elder Mitchell Hill

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