Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 7, 2016 - Columbus GA

Hey Y'all!

I'm doing great and I'm glad that you are too! Good luck Michelle at the dance competition, you're going to do great! Woooooo Kristy that is so cool that you did so well at your competition! I'm impressed! Haha Kevin nice helmet but I hope you realize that I might have to steal that bike from you when I get back haha:) I'm glad y'all are doin so well! The weather is definitely warming up and in Georgia when the weather warms up that means that the bugs are going to come out and it's going to get more humid but it definitely has been a good change of pace.

Tuesday was a very fun day and I got to experience another college town on the mission and this week I got to go to Auburn University and serve with some missionaries over there for exchanges. We went to their district meeting and we Elder Child and I both gave a training at their district meeting. I gave a training on Christlike love and talked about how the pioneers had that Christlike love and were willing to give everything to the Lord. Elder Child gave a training on patience and it was so funny because he walked up to the front and without any expression or without saying anything he walked up and as slow as he could write PMG 120 on the board and it was so funny because his training was on being patient and it was really funny!! After district meeting I went with Elder Clark and Elder Burgess for exchanges and we got a call for Elder Clark to go to Phenix City for an emergency exchange and so we had to get everything packed for him and dropped him off and then Elder Burgess and I had a great time seeing college investigators in Auburn and he also taught me some magic tricks with cards that I'm looking forward to blowing y'alls minds when I show them to you.
On Wednesday we had to go on another exchange that day too with the Elders in Lanette so after we exchanged back Elder Child and I drove to Alabama and exchanged with Elder Adams and Elder St Thomas. Elder Adams and I really hit it off and it turns out that he lived in Logan when I was born and left to Idaho around the same time we did. Small world... Also he was the A Idaho player of the year for basketball and you know me I want to play against the best so we had to play! We stoppped by a recent converts place and her name is Mary and she is amazing but she had a questioned that concerned her. She didnt believe that Jesus Christ helped create the earth under Heavenly Father direction. So it started off really shaky because there was alot of contention because she didnt accept the explanation we gave her. We went to Genesis 1:26-27 where it says" let US make man in our own image" and she didnt accept that Heavenly Father was talking to Jesus Christ. So I explained to her that well, Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega correct? She said yes and so I said well if he's the beginning and the end then wouldnt the beginning be creating the earth under Heavely Fathers direction and she had this lightbulb go off and she was like wow!!! I never looked at it like that! And it was crazy because I would never have thought of that but the Spirit kind of said it for and I was like Wooo!

Thursday was a very fun day! I got to play Elder Adams in basketball and I was excited because we kind of decided to possibly walk on at Utah State together and we were talking about it the whole exchange. But we went to the church and played ball in the morning and boy was it fun!! I havent had that good of competition since the basketball days in Colorado at the rec, but you know me I dont like to lose and I Won!! haha It was so much fun! Late that day we went to a birthday party for one of the other wards in Columbus investigators and it was really fun!

Friday we had MLC and it was so spiritual President Cottle and the other leaders in the Presidency bore powerful testimonies on the power of talking with everyone and making the most of your time on the mission. It was so cool! I love that meeting because of how strong the spirit is! We also at dibnner with a family, the Lee's and the Lee's have a daughter that literally looks like Michelle and I think I creeped her out by how much I was staring at her haha. I'm not kidding I think Michelle has a twin in Columbus cause she acted exactly the same but it was just super crazy haha!!

Saturday we did a service project for a member in the ward and for the service project we painted her house in about 5 hours and it looked so good by the end of it, but there is a picture of it so I'll let you judge that for yourself!! I havent told yall much about Jazmin which is sad I feel bad because over my time here she has progressed so much as a person  and she will be of great value to the church but she got baptized on Saturday and it was so powerful seeing someone you have come to grow really close to get baptized! What and experience!

Sunday was a very special day as well because I was able to confirm her a member of the churh and help her recieve the Holy Ghost and it was so powerful doing that for someone you have grown to love. I'm sure thats not just me that feels like that when they confirm someone but it sure was powerful!

I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH and I miss you everyday!

Elder Mitchell Hill

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Jazmin's Baptism!

The Paint Crew!

Auburn University!

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