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March 21, 2016 - Columbus, GA

Hey Y'all! 

The weather has really been nice recently and everyone that we've been talking to has been saying that spring is here lasts for about 1 month and a half before it starts to get really hot again, so we are enjoying the weather while we can:) Yeah we have daylight saving time but we changed our clocks last week. Actually we had a funny story with that haha so last week before we left for home, some members reminded us that we needed to move our clocks forward and we got busy and forgot to so we woke up thinking it was just another Sunday until Anna Harrell, a member here, asked if we are coming to practice for our musical number at church... it was about 8;50 on our clocks and 9;50 to everyone else. So we rushed to church just in time to make it but don't worry we made it on time and the clocks are where they should be now. But I'm glad that your asking more questions about the home so just keep me updated:) The Beauty and the Beast concert sounds fun and so does Glenn Beck. I listened to his conversion story this past week actually and it is really good so if you haven't heard it, I highly recommend it. But that's really cool Kevin got to be a security guard that's soo cool so maybe now he might get into the weight room hahaha. 

This past week had lots of changes in it and it was also a really memorable week for me! Elder Child and I peaked in terms of numbers and we went above and beyond our goals which is always a good thing especially in the last week of the transfer.

On Tuesday I went on exchanges to Phoenix City with Elder Godderidge. I'm not sure if you remember me talking about him much but I served with him when I was in Waynesboro and we got to be companions for a day which was really fun! They are solely biking elders so we rode bikes all day in the hills of Phoenix City. We met lots of nice people and less active members that they were teaching. He took me on this one hill in which everyone calls it suicide hill because once you go down it the brakes on your bike cant slow it down. At the bottom of the hill is a very busy road and lets just say it was a very exhilarating experience. I'll show you a picture but the picture doesn't do it justice haha. Later that night we went to a members house for dinner and we talked alot about careers and healthy eating habits so you know I was intrigued with that. They have some pretty cute kids in their family.

Wednesday we switched back in the morning and then we had district meeting. After we had the last district meeting of the transfer Elder Timothy and I went on exchanges while Elder Child and Elder Bailey went to Cusseta. Elder Timothy and I visited lots of potential investigators and we talked to a recent convert Eric about Easter and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. WE shared with him Mosiah 3:7-8 and talked about how much Jesus Christ loves us and that he knows what we are going through everyday. Without Jesus Christ we wouldn't have the opportunity to live back with our Father in Heaven but because he took upon the sins of the world, died on the cross, and rose the third day we can live again too after we pass away. We also met a potential investigator Oz White who has been Methodist all his life but is very intrigued with the fact that Jesus Christ visited the people in America after he was resurrected, so we taught him about the Restoration of the gospel and we will see what happens with him.

Thursday we helped move a member that lives right below us in our apartment complex and it was really hard to see them go but we are happy that they are still in our ward, but sad to see them leave the apartment complex. After we helped move their house we went to another members place, the Johnsons to help her with some lawn work because she broke her foot and need some limbs trimmed. After a day of service we met a lot of people in the psan of about 3 hours. WE went to this neighborhood to tract and every door was receptive to the message and we taught many lessons in a very short amount of time. 

Friday we drove to Alabama to check up on some missionaries serving over there and on the drive there you cross the Chattahoochee river and it made me think that country song. I dont know if you know the one I'm talking about but the Chattahoochee river is pretty massive! But after that we planned for the day and met with some more investigators we were teaching.

Saturday was another busy day where we helped the Red Cross put fire alarms in peoples houses again. It was the last one of the year and we had a good time! We first went to this apartment complex and every room we went into smelt really gross, and the space for their room was really small and it just wasnt that pleasant but we helped give them protection from fire and moved on. WE then later that day taught a guy named Clinton. He is a solider and his buddy came with him. Clinton is very interested in the church and wants to know more sso we both are excited for that. Later that night we had transfer calls and even though I knew I was going to stay your always nervous and anxious for the call. But sadly Elder Childs name was called and I'll be getting a new companion in the coming days. I was think about how many comapnions I've had in my mission and in 6 transfers I've had 5 companions and the next one will be my sixth. So my conclusion is that I must be a rough one:) I'm just kidding but I can adapt to change pretty well I'd say and I'm blessed with the ability to do that.

Sunday was another amazing day and a day I probably wont forgot! We got to church and we had 5 investigators at church and every single one of them wanted to come again and know more which is very exciting!! After Sacrament meeting I went to fort Benning for the baptism of Matthew Newell. I interviewed him and he was so ready to be apart of Christs church back on the earth. Then after the interview I was able to baptize a Matthew Newell! I was so happy for him and its the feeling. He told me after that he just feels more clean and at peace and I was really happy for him. I also was able to confirm him a member of the church and the spirit was really strong and its cool how words just come to your head when you're giving a blessing! Its pretty cool! I was really excited to stand in the water with a solider and baptize him it was a pretty amazing experience. After the service we went back to Columbus and exchanged back and said bye to members for Elder Child. Its going to be hard seeing him go because of all the fun times we've had but I know my next companion will be cool too!!


-Elder Mitchell Hill

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Baptism of Matthew Newell!

Couldn't have said it better!

Going Down Suicide Hill!

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