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May 15, 2017 - Alma, GA

Hey Y'all!

My appointment today in Waycross went very well! They cleaned my wrist and put clean bandages on my wrist. He looked at my right arm and said its probably just a muscle sprain and it should get better in 2-3 weeks and that was good to hear. He also said that I might need to continue seeing an orthopedic surgeon when I get to Logan but we are working on moving the records over to an office in Logan. So look around in Logan for a good orthopedic office so we can move my records over there when the time comes, but it is looking good and he is impressed at how Im healing so far.

(Again I have only one arm so sorry for the shorter letter)

But Ill hit on the major events of the week, but it has been a little tricky getting ready for the day and its been hard not being able to work out and play basketball but it will come. We have supported very well by the branch and they have helped immensely and Im grateful for them. I'm not gonna lie and say its all been painless cause it is pretty painful but it is getting better and the pain always goes away through prayer and faith. Medicine helps too sometimes haha. Leading up to surgery on May 4th we continued the missionary work here in Alma and retelling the story of how I hit the mailbox to everyone we meet. We met this lady named Cynthia who has very sincere questions and feels that the church has the answer. We bore testimony to her and she said she'd love to start attending church, so we are excited to work with her.

The major event from the week was my surgery and Im so grateful for all the prayers and thoughts as I went under into surgery and it provided great strength for me. President Grayson and many branch members came and supported me at the hospital. The procedure went very well and my 1st surgery was a great success. I was put under for 2 and a half hours and woke up with a very boggled mind and a very heavy left arm. It was  great knowing that it all went well and that my arm is on its way to recovery. I've had to really be creative in how I get the daily duties done with one arm and ask for help when needed but it has taught me patience and lots of understanding enjoying your trial. God doesnt put us through trials cause He wants to see us suffer but He loves us so we go through trials. Ive learned alot from this experience and it has taught me a lot. Never lose hope or faith and trust in Gods love and the power in prayer. Even though I don't understand why I'm going through this but we obey now and understand later. 

Another fun event was getting our transfer call and finding out Elder Showers will be my last companion on my mission!!! I was his first companion and now Ill be his last! It doesnt really feel real but it is and its hard to think we are companions again!!

My scripture that really helped me through this week was Alma 37:6..."Now ye may suppose thathis is foolishness in me; but behold say unto you, that by small and simple things argreat things brought to passand small means in many instances doth confound the wise."
I know that small and simple ways is how we grow and this trial will be of great strength for me later in life. God does answer prayers and nothing happens all at once and great things occur after fervent, diligent hard work, for we will be rewarded for our faithfulness and obedience. He always provides a way no matter who you are as long as you come unto Him and learn His ways.

I love yall!!! Thank you for all your prayers and support! Good miracles are fixin' to happen here in Alma in these next six weeks so just hold on for the ride!!!

-Elder Hill'
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