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June 12, 2017 - Alma, GA

Hey Y'all!

How have y'all been doing! I sure have been doing good here in the yonder south! Im doing good just trying to cope with how much time I have left and I'm trying to make those last days worth it.  But time is coming down to the wire and I'm trying to make the last two weeks really memorable and make them count. It's kind of sad I wont be seeing a baptism in my time here in Alma but I have seen this area change dramatically and the Spirit in this area has changed totally since I got here. God has blessed this area and those elect people who have listened to our message those peoples faiths are building. 

Elder Showers and I were talking about goals for the next two weeks and I kind of got down on myself that through all my diligent efforts in this area no fruits really came from it where I saw a baptism happen in this area. Then I thought of the people I taught in Evans and after I left 4 of my investigators that I taught a lot got baptized after I left and the same thing may happen here. I've been blessed through my mission to see many people I've loved make covenants with God and are still strong in the faith., and I have a feeling that it may be the same effect here. 

Elder Showers and I have had a memorable week and to be honest we had more downs than ups, plans fell through investigators wouldn't talk to us, got yelled at, but through all the storms the work still moves forward. We are trying to find the elect and Alma has been worked through and through for quite some time and so its a little harder to find new people. Elder Showers and I had were going to see our investigator Regina yesterday and when we walked in her daughter Valerie who had just gotten out of prison for 3 years was reading the bible on the table. We started asking questions about her conversion story and how she wants to be a teacher for AA meetings. She wants to make everything right with God and after reading some verses in the Book of Mormon and explaining the Restoration she got very interested and is planning on coming to church this week. She thought the Restoration of authority was intriguing and normally that isn't something that grabs someones attention, but for her it rang true.

Elder Showers and I walked in the rain on Wednesday for 6-7 hours trying to talk to people and saw many miracles. To be honest walking in the rain is alot better than walking in the heat, humidity, and gnats. So contrary to how it looked Elder Showers felt very blessed to be walking in the rain but to everyone honking and waving at us, it looked miserable. Which I thought was interesting because no matter if its rainy or sunny our attitude in the situation determines the outcome and success of whatever we are doing. But it was pretty fun seeing people feel sorry for us and want to help.

Elder Showers and I read a talk this week called the "4th missionary" and there were some really profound words and principles in it. I'll choose 3 quotes that really impacted me this past week and gave me peace knowing I've given these most important two years all I have.

1. "There are two ways of evolving: deliberately and accidentally. You can either decide who you want to become and deliberately work toward that end, or you can just go with the flow and become whatever life makes of you. In that event, you will become whatever the fickle circumstances and forces of life and society will make of you; whatever is currently considered to be popular or in; whatever is easiest. But, whatever you become accidentally it will not be nearly the full measure of our potential. You will become just someone, somewhere in the middle"
2." If you're not happy, if you are frustrated or resentful, look inside. It is within you. Jesus said: "The kingdom of God is within you." It is in your head and in your heart. It starts in your head and then your heart follows. You only need say to the Lord in your head, "I give up. I surrender. I won't fight anymore. Here it is. Here are my desires. Here is my will. I want only to do what you want me to do. That's enough for me. That's all 1 want, because it is the only intelligent thing to do."
3. "In the end, your heart and your will is all that you have to give that the Lord does not already have. If you give your time, two years, and your strength, you give only that which He grants to you with each beat of your heart and each breath that you draw. If you dedicate your gifts and talents, you only return to Him what He already has given to you. If you pay tithing you only return to Him a tenth of what he has already given to you. Everything that you have to give to the Lord, has its origin in Him, except one thing: your will. He does not have your heart, nor your mind, unless you give them to Him. It is the only gift you have to offer that He does not already have. And so when you give yourself, you truly give everything to Him."

 I truly feel I've left it all on the court holding nothing back and that's why my mission has changed me is because our will is the only thing God doesn't have. But when we give the only thing he doesn't own to him it means everything to him and that's when we change to become more like the Savior. I have little regrets and we are not perfect but I'm grateful I had church leaders and parents and family who led me in the right direction. o many people here don't have the blessings I never even recognized at home. The gospel truly is peace and light, hope, and allows men the opportunity to be free. This life should be a joy and a time we get to prepare to meet God and among all the challenges we face the gospel is the only thing that can help us remain on the straight and narrow path.

I'm grateful for all of y'all and I LOVE YOU so much, my wrist is doing great and you just gotta keep pressing forward.

-Elder Hill
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