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May 29, 2017 - Alma, GA

Hey Y'all!

Im doing great and trying my best to go through life with 1 arm haha! My right arm is back to normal and they diagnosed it as a muscle strain. But I can now shoot again and dribble which makes the healing process a little bit easier.  Y'alls week sounds awesome and good things are happening!! But Im healing well and life is moving on as it always does. Im really trying to enjoy the moment and do all I can to share the gospel in the remaining time I have.

I received some great news as well today emailing. One of the investigators we had in Evans was baptized two weeks ago and I contacted her and she received all the lessons and was baptized! I'm so grateful I decided to talk to her and now Dan and her are going strong in the gospel! Small and simple things great things come to pass. No one really knows how much good we do in the world and its not on our timetable, but I'm grateful I followed the prompting and talked to her in Evans. This past week we had lots of storms and walking in the rain, but we made it work with my sling so my wrap didn't get wet. but to be honest a lot of people canceled on us this week which made the work a little bit harder but it made time to talk to people we needed to go see. My sling sticks out a lot quite a bit and I've had to  repeat my story to everyone we meet and its becoming an expectation when we meet to people now, but it makes it easier for people to open up and speak.

The highlight of the week was definitely church on Sunday where we had 4 investigators at church and the Spirit was so strong. This lady who used to be investigating the church showed up at church in Sunday and it made my day. Elder Showers and I have met a lot of people who really are confused at why there are so many churches but we tried answering their questions the best that we could. We meet a lot of people who have various questions about life and they can all be answered as they study and live the gospel of Jesus Christ.Elder Showers and  I bore testimony to this blueberry farmer and he let us pick two bags of fresh blueberries and keep them! They were so good. They were some fruits from our labor:) 

We walked in the blazing hot sun and also in the rain, Elder Showers and I had some really spiritual moments as we've talked about goals and the future. This gospel is so true and I'm grateful that the early saints didn't waver in faith and made it to Zion. We watched 17 miracles with an investigator and the sacrifices the early saints made were truly remarkable. I'm forever grateful for their example. 

We had a great lesson with Sue Evans and she is all the way into 3rd Nephi and she is learning so much. She is planning on coming this Sunday so pray she can make it there!

The scripture of the week is one that hit me this week as I was studying it Alma 29:13
"Yea, and that same God did establish his church among them; yea, and that same God hath called me by a holy calling, to preach the word unto this people, and hath given me much success, in the which my joy is full."

My joy is definitely full and Im grateful I have come this far with little regrets, I'm not perfect but Im grateful of my faithfulness over the past two years. This really is the best two years!

I love yall!!! Thanks for all you do and I know the Lord will bless us!!

-Elder Hill
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Razias baptism! Lady in Evans I taught! May 2017

A Storm is comin'!  Alma, GA, May 2017

Georgia silos!  Alma, GA - May 2017

So Georgia.....!!  May 2017, Alma Ga


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