Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015 - Waynesboro, Georgia 30830

Hey Fam!!

Haha thanks I mean the brace looks "hotter" than being in a sling lol. Haha but yes when I shower I take it off which makes showering a lot more relaxing. That's good to know about my wrist because honestly no one has told me about my break and it just never crossed my mind in the hospital haha (#rookiemistake). My face is back to it's natural, beautiful self haha.

We have had quite the week getting my brace and we have been very busy with appointments and meetings. On Thursday we received word that we would be moving from our house in Hephzibah to a double wide trailer in Waynesboro Georgia mid-transfer. They said it was because we were doing such a good job in Hephzibah that they wanted us to teach in the Ghetto's of Waynesboro. So on Saturday Elder Hinton and I moved everything in our house to Waynesboro which was very challenging. So if you are going to send anything to me you can either send it to the mission home or send it to this address, not our old house.

                                                 731 Old Waynesboro Rd
                                                       Waynesboro Georgia, 30830

So to answer your question I will probably be staying in Waynesboro for quite sometime. If you've already sent the package Elder Hinton and I will be going to our old house periodically to check for mail stuff.

 On Sunday when Elder Hinton goes home I will be in a trio with Elder Johnson and Elder Memmott. Elder Hinton has been great even though he talks about going home too much which makes me "Trunky" but I've been doing fine. I can't believe that I'm almost two months out already and it's been quite the eventful two months to say the least. Waynesboro sure isn't Utah by any means and if want to experience the Ghetto lifestyle this is the place to go. You see drugs, alcohol, guns, and injustices everywhere you go so we just have to be careful on which situations won't threaten our lives. Don't worry though I mean I'm Mitchellman, what can't I do:) My testimony of Joesph Smith has grown tremendously out here and reading my Patriarchal blessing has really helped me be confident in being out here. I've already learned so much about being on the Lord's team and doing things in harmony with the Gospel. With my bike accident I've really just felt blessed that it wasn't worse and that by listening to the spirit I was able to walk away with little to no injuries. I've been praying for you and I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! The Lord will bless us if we are willing and have faith in him! Let's make Utah our Home!

I hope you got my letter from a few weeks ago and I love the pictures!! You guys look great!
Love Mitch

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