Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 24, 2015 - Waynesboro, GA

Hey Fam!!

I'm doing great!! Georgia definitely has been wet these past few days which actually has been really nice because it's been sooo hot lately. The only problem is when it rains here and the skies clear up and it gets hot again, the humidity is out of this world haha. That raincoat y'all (lol) gave me is working great! It came at a perfect time☺ My wrist is doing great! When I take it off to shower I stretch and move my wrist a bit just so it doesn't get too stiff and lately my wrist has had little pain but it's just tight and that will go down in a few weeks! As far as my shot, I havent told Sister Cottle yet about my shot, but I should do that today, don't worry I'll get it done.  I'm glad Kristy is getting back on the horse and that Michelle has lots of opportunities to make friends! Also it's great to hear that the condo move went great and that we are looking toward the next step in making a Dream Home! I actually had a really cool dream about that the other night so I feel like this move was supposed to happen. I hope Dad's job is going well and that he's loving work👍 

On transfer day I got a new companion and his name is Elder Duran! He is from Coolidge, Arizona and he's been out for 9 months. It's great to have someone who isn't constantly thinking about going home. Since Elder Hinton used to drive everywhere, I'm now the driver and it's been very fun driving our Chevy Cruse:) We have been having great success at tracting and we have taught 18 lessons in 4 days just by tracting so we have been staying busy. People in Waynesboro are willing to hear what you have to say, but the problem is people down here are lazy and it drives me crazy! I just don't get how you can sit at home all day and eat and waste the day away. It just doesn't make sense haha. So it's been hard getting investigators to actually do their commitments because they are just lazy haha. I just remember all those days where I never stopped moving and I was constantly doing something and I'm tellin' ya they don't know what they are missing. But we did have a cool experience this past week...

It was raining outside and we were soaked and we were ready to sit in the car until the storm passed, but I felt prompted to knock just one more house. When we knocked a man opened the door with a smile on his face. His name was John and he had been remodeling his house so he would be able to rent it out to someone. He invited us in and he had concerns about organized religion and felt it wasn't necessary and how alot of his beliefs were contrary to many churches. As we listened he was impressed that either of us didn't instantly try to correct him, but instead we listened. We told him about the Restoration and he said alot of his questions were now being answered. We told him that we would get him a Book of Mormon marked with our favorite scriptures as well as other powerful passages. After the meeting Elder Duran and I talked about how we had a DeJa Vu about meeting him so we felt he was someone we needed to meet on our mission. So, we met with him before church to help him load some tools into a trailer that he would be taking to Northern Georgia. After we finished the service, we talked about the Book of Mormon, read through the Introduction, and bore our testimonies. He told us he loved our message and he would read the Book of Mormon in a week! He also said that his wife had been talking to some LDS women in her work without him knowing. It was just a really cool experience and we will see what comes of it!

I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!! Keep going with building the home and keep me updated!!
Stay Strong cause you know I will:)

💙-Elder Hill (Mitchell)
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  3. Hey, 18 lessons in 4 days is exciting! It means you're working hard and being blessed! I'll share your story about following the spirit when I get back in country.
    Currently in Route to Guatemala for a "missionary emeritus" assignment for.about 6 weeks. Not as hot as Georgia, but it does rain every day during this season.
    Know that you are loved and appreciated.
    Bro. Call

  4. Hello sister and brother Hill! I am so glad I found you were missionaries blog! Our sons were companions in the MTC! Elder Phillips really enjoyed your son and I was so sad to hear about his accident! I am glad he is OK! I hope that they will be able to be companions again in the next two years thanks for raising such a great son!

    1. Hi Sister Phillips! Thanks so much for the kind words. We are sure that both our boys will become companions again. Elder Hill did mention your son and he liked being with him in the MTC as well. We are glad that you found his blog and want to follow it. You are great parents too and raised a great son as well!!

      Heber and Julie Hill