Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 17, 2015 - Waynesboro, GA

Hey Fam!!

Thanks sooo much for the package this week!! I got it on Saturday and it was very much appreciated. With Elder Hinton leaving today I was thinking of home a lot and when I got the package it made my day:)  So on Tuesday, we have transfer meeting and Elder Westbrook said my bike is fixed.  So I plan to get my old bike back and use that one not Elder Hintons'.Sister Cottle gave us all reflective vests after my accident haha. My name is known very well in the mission because President Cottle sent an email all about me and what I learned from it. So you could say I will probably be the Guinea pig for bike safety for the next few years in the mission as well:)

I'm glad your eating healthy!! Always remember what would Mitch eat if you are questioning it in your head haha. I've learned a lot about health on my mission from members and just learning on my own. I have lots of healthy recipes for y'all (lol) to try when I get back:) On the matter of food I ate these burritos called "Navajo Burritos" which are deep fried bread (cause it's the south) chili, lettuce, tomatoes and salsa. They were really good, I only had one deep fried bread though because hey I gotta play College ball when I get back:) I also had to try a ghost pepper chili and a habanero chili haha. Don't worry I took it like a man and got it on video. My ears were ringing and you could say my nose was running haha. Don't worry mom I'm great:) I'm excited that Michelle is starting high school, just make sure she is as involved as she can be and she will have a great time.

My week was very trying because Elder Hinton and I have been talking about home and stuff this whole week and it has made me very Trunky... Until I got your package and it was all better. I've had to learn a whole new area in the matter of a week and I will be responsible for knowing members and where to go for my next companionship. It's been quite the unorthodox challenge because we got moved mid transfer and they assume I've been here for 6 weeks when I've only been here one. I also have to be the District leader until next Monday because Elder Hinton was the DL, but since he's gone I have to stand in his place and who knows I could just stay there which would be very interesting. It was hard to say goodbye to him cause he has taught me a lot.   So just stay strong at home cause I will if you will:) Dad keep doing your thang! Mom keep us under control:) Kevin get in the weight room haha:) Kristy when you go to the farm take showers;) Michelle enjoy high school!

I loved the package and you guys are the BEST!

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