Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 14, 2015 - Waynesboro, GA

Hey Fam!

It's good to hear that you are doing good! 

For me this week we have been biking like 25-30 miles a day trying to teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how their lives can become better if they follow God and his commandments! It's rained 5/7 days this week and the lighnting and thunderstorms here are crazy! Lighting struck this light pole 50 ft from where we were riding our bikes and I've never heard a louder boom of thunder! My wrist is 100% healed and it's great to use it again and do ball handling drills again!! Elder Duran and I had a crazy experience this past week with a lady who needed help getting to the hospital. 

So we were biking on the main street of Waynesboro and this lady called us over to talk with her ( It shocked us cause that doesn't happen to often:) and she was pushing two carts that she was trying to return to a store and she said that she has to be at the hospital in 5 minutes to get her shot for her foot and that she was in soo much pain she couldnt walk anymore. What was crazy was is that she was going to the same hospital I was for my HEP A shot and our appointments were at the same time. So I was stressed because I didn't want to reschedule with those people again. So, This lady was on the heavier side and we tried to call members of our church to give us a ride, but no one answered so I suggested that we could help get you in the cart and we could push you to the hospital 3 miles away. So with some ingenious maneuvering we got her in the cart and pushed her in the cart, going down the streets of Waynesboro! Haha! So many people were taking videos and pictures and I'm sure we were all over Twitter and Instagram down here haha! But in the end we got here there just 5 minutes late and she got her shot! Then we raced over to the building for my shot and I got my shot just as the lady was locking up the building! So yes mom I got the shot so I should be all up to date!

We also tried to teach a man in our ward who is leaving for the mission field on September 15th how to ride a bike... It was just mind blowing because in Colorado everyone can ride a bike and I've never known a person that couldn't ride a bike over the age of like 6. But, he tried really hard and after many falls and scrapes he started to get the hang of it at the end. 

We also had zone conference this week and I had a really spiritual experience and I really am understanding what's important in life. I have a sure testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the church! Joesph Smith is a prophet of God and Thomas S. Monson really receives revelation for the church today! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you guys and how much I love you! The mission is opening my eyes and helping know what's important in life!

Oh and I'm not sure that I mentioned this, but like 6 weeks ago at transfer meeting I saw Elder Saint from our Mckay Lake Ward! He was in a brace for his MCL and is expecting to go back into the field in a few months. It was really cool to talk with him again and it was crazy just to see someone from back home.
Love, Elder Mitchell Hill

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