Sunday, September 6, 2015

August 31, 2015 - Waynesboro, GA


I'm doing great!! Time is finally starting to pick up and go faster which is great:) My wrist is feeling ALOT better and I can rotate it just like my other wrist, but it's just like muscle tight in some parts where I rotate it, but maybe a few more weeks and I'll be good to go! I miss my right hand tho, I can't wait to actually be able to shoot and do ball handling drills with both hands. No I'm not wearing the splint still, I'm just wearing the black brace and trying to keep it out of the rain haha. Thank you soooo much for the Money!! I appreciate it sooo much and I love getting letters from you guys! It means alot and I promise when I get to the NBA I'll pay you back with interest👍.  With my scripture for the plaque I'd like to change it to Doctrine and Covenants 138:30 if I could! I've shared this one quite ab it to investigators when they ask us why do we serve missions. If you could do that I'd appreciate it! I'm glad that Dad's job is going GREAT!! Great job Dad!! Keep it up!! Kristy make sure that if you see Kevin around on campus that he says hi to every girl that walks by haha! And tell him to get in the weight room:) I have learned tons of healthy recipes from my companion and so I'll have to cook for you when I get back!

My week has gone by very FAST! Alot of people this week have been talking about the hurricane coming and they say the world will end soon, but that's just how people down here are. They take things to the extreme. We were in a discussion with a lady and there was a big spider that ran across the floor and said the world was going to end at that very moment. But it rained really hard yesterday for probably 6 hours and it's really cloudy today. So we will see what happens, but don't worry I'll be smart about it and I promise I'll make it back to you! The missionary work has gone really well this week! Partially because when we tract outside in the rain people invite us in their house because they don't want us out in the rain haha. It's funny though, down in the south when it rains, it doesn't get chilly like it does out west so I'm not cold it's just sticky and wet. We got some great news last night when we visited with Marren. So Marren is an investigator, but he has been working with missionaries for a good 2 years and he wanted himself to be ready for baptism and not just do it to do it. Well, he got really close to these two missionaries who taught him before I got in the mission field and when they left and we came in he started to fall away from the church. So we've had to refocus his thoughts and try to teach him to not be converted to the missionaries, but be converted to Christ. He still struggled with it and wanted the missionaries who taught him to be there for his baptism, but we told him that they probably couldn't be there ( because they were out of the zone)  but gave him his address so they could send letters. So last night we went back, and Marren said he wanted to get BAPTIZED!! Since one of the missionaries who taught him said that's what he should do!! I'm really glad he did that and I'm excited to prepare him for baptism!

Another thing that happened this week is I got to use a lathe for the first time and make a pen!! Dad would be proud of me!! It turned out really well and I'll send you a picture of it soon!! It was actually really fun and we should get a lathe when I get back for our new house! 

I'm glad that we are waiting for the right opportunity for the house because it's gonna be the Dream home we've always wanted and at least that's the goal. Keep looking and keep me updated!! I'm glad Michelle's school is going well and Michelle stay involved in school! I promise if you do something with sports, theatre ("eh"☺), or any club that you'll love it! 

Keep up the good work over in UTAH! I can't believe I've been out for close to 3 months and I've been praying to know where I should go and play college basketball and right now I have a good feeling about William Penn, but I also have a good feeling on trying to walk-on for Utah Valley University, so we will see what the Lord reveals to me!! I also have a good feeling about going home a transfer early so I can at least spend some time with you guys and get in shape before I head off for college camps and such.


Lots of love💙
Mitchell (Elder Hill)
Brother Elmmy helped Mitchell make the wood pen!  Very cool!

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