Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 8, 2015 - Waynesboro GA

Hey FAM!!

Sorry that I'm emailing you today, I hope I didn't scare you by not emailing you yesterday! But no we couldn't email yesterday because the libraries were closed for Labor Day. By the way I GOT MY CAST OFF!!! I literally feel more complete and feel like my old self. Which is great and I had my appointment on September the 4th with Andy Eberheart. It turns out he Michael Phelp's offical medical doctor!! How cool is that!!! He has a picture with him and I took a picture of it and I feel really cool knowing that I got my wrist fixed by Michael Phelp's doctor!! I'm glad that you all are doing great!! It literally sounds like a blast over there and I'm glad that Kevin and Dad can lift every weight in the weight room☺ Kill the Tryouts Kristy, just focus and you got it. It's all about the little things and I'm glad Michelle is enjoying the middle school woes all over again hahahahaha.

As far as my week has been it's been pretty great!!! I was sooo pumped to get my cast off! The first thing I did when we got back from the appointment was go and dribble and shoot with my wrist. It was sooo amazing!! My wrist is still a bit sore, but Andy said that it's just because the tendons and muscles are tight from being in a fixed position for so long. So I've been "carefully" doing push-ups and workouts with my right hand again! I've missed the good ol' right hand:) Also because I got my cast off the day I got it off we started biking again so that's been fun:) We have been biking around 12-15 miles a day so far, I bought like these $3.00 stick on bike reflectors that are circles and stuck them all over my bike so it looks very colorful.Yesterday we had a really fun P-Day we went golfing at this course where all the professional golfers play at and I'm actually a pretty decent golfer for only playing twice. I hit numerous golf balls around 200 yards and I was like dang Michael Jordan was good at golf and basketball so maybe there is some correlation lol. After that we went to a mall in Augusta and it reminds me of the mall back home so like going there.

But as far as mission work goes, I'm really getting the hang of this mission thing and the days are really starting to add up! It's crazy to think that another transfer is coming up in 2 weeks! Time flies... We are always busy trying to meet people everywhere and I played one-on-one with a kid that was supposed to be the best high school player in Waynesboro and I beat him 21-12. There were alot of people watching and so now. So now when we ride our bikes and people see us they always like bow down to us on the bikes haha. It was pretty fun:) 

I'm glad that things are all working out for us in Utah! It really makes me feel good to know that my family is doing well so keep it up!! I'll try not to drown out here haha it rains everyday, and we come home soaked, but hey it's better than biking in 100 degree heat!!


Elder Mitchell Hill

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