Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 - Waynesboro, GA

Hey Fam!!

I'm doing great and it's great to hear from you as always!! 
Well, my week was very hectic and a lot happened this week! On Tuesday we had Zone Training meeting and in the zone training meeting for a break the zone shoots free throws and if you miss you're out and the winner gets to write their name on this necklace that's been here for 10 years! Guess who won?!! Haha me and this other Elder who played basketball in high school went back and forth making three after three and it was quite entertaining! Also Kristy and Dad would be proud of me! This week I bailed some hay! There is an investigator we have and his name is Bob and he is 77 years old with a hay farm of 15 acres and I learned to be a farmer for a day. So after the bail tractor came around we had to pick up the 60 lbs. hay bails and through them into this trailer and run to the next one and do the same thing. We did it for 5 hours and I was SOOOO itchy at the end of it all! We needed up with bailing 550 bails of hay and then we had to unload them and deliver them! It was crazy, and we were promised lunch but because of all the work we didn't have time so I did it on an empty stomach and the Lord definitely helped me through that time. Kristy would love the horses here! Also Elder Duran and I helped get Marren Hopkins on date for BAPTISM! I'm sooo pumped for him! I hope it all goes well and after he's baptized on the 10th of October that he remains faithful!!

We are still riding close to 30 miles a day and along with all the working out and running I do in the morning and at night.

I loved the pictures you sent!! I definitely want to see that bear when I get back! Keep the Faith! I'm doing great and I'm glad you are too!

-Elder Mitchell Hill
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Don't do it Mitch!!

ZTM shootout winner!!

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  1. Hey! Great to see your enthusiasm! And it's exciting to know you've still got the moves on the floor to be the ZTM free throw champ. Congrats.
    Ahh, reading of your experience baling hay was fun - I do remember doing the same in the summers in Idaho. But now, they've mostly gone to large round bales. Though the "Cow Unions" have complained. Seems the cows don't think they are getting a square meal anymore.
    I'm still on a mission as well. Hope to be released from my 7 week tour this Monday for a couple of weeks, then will be back again in Guatemala for another 8-10 week assignment. I think the Bishop is getting tired of me being gone as the YM pres. Though I think the program is doing better without me. They may not have realized I'm gone yet.
    Glad you didn't kiss that horse, by the way. Ehh, you didn't kiss the horse, did you?
    Keep the faith. You're doing a great job!!
    ~ Bro. Call