Monday, December 14, 2015

December 13, 2015 - Milledgeville Ga

Hey Fam!!

Everything is going great!! I got my NEW BIKE! It's AWESOME, its like the yellow trek bike I had at home except it's not a mountain bike but its more of a road bike but now bike is 10x easier and more enjoyable. I also have lights on my bike now which is nice to be able to see in the dark at night. My shoe size is a 12. So if you could get me those that would be great:) The shoes I used at home for church are getting pretty tattered to say the least. The skype information sounds great and I just heard that we are able to email our families on December 24th to set up a time for the call so we can finalize everything else then. I'm happy that everyone is doing well and tell Kristy good luck with tryouts and not worry but just do your thing:)

This week had lots of traveling for me on Monday night we slept in Cochran, Georgia at the Zone Leaders place because we had to be in Tifton at 8:30 which is 4 hours from Millidgeville. We had our Christmas conference on Tuesday and it was awesome. We heard many musical numbers and training's. We also were able to watch Ephraims Rescue for the movie! I dont think I ever saw that movie at home and if y'all haven't seen it I definitely recommend it! It really grew my testimony about how true this church is because those pioneers went through terror to get to Zion and they wouldn't do something like that if they didn't know it was true. On Wednesday I drove down to Macon Georgia with Elder Showers for our Trainer/ Trainee meeting. It was fun to see all the missionaries who would be going home and say bye to them. I got really close to a few of them and it was hard to say bye. On Saturday we were invited to go to Bishops house for his family reunion and we shared "A Savior is Born" video with all of his family and Elder Davis plays the viola so he played a medley of Christmas songs for them and it was a pretty touching moment about how good uplifting music can touch the hearts of men. Not only that but earlier in the day Elder Godwin and Elder Davis baptized 3 new people in to the Millidgeville ward! The ward is growing pretty rapidly and should be able to baptize 2 people this next transfer so I'm really excited for whats to come. On Sunday Elder Holdaway, a missionary from Gray, came down to Millidgeville because his companion went home today so we are in a trio til Tuesday. 

Because I'm training I've really had to know my stuff and know how to be an example to Elder Showers because new missionaries literally follow everything you do and even if you slip up just a little bit  they are the first ones to notice. Elder Showers asks lots of questions and I'm trying to answer them the best that I can, but I didn't get transferred so I'll be in Millidgeville til at least early February. Elder Davis is being transferred so Elder Godwin will be getting a new companion so hopefully it will be a good one!

I hope y'all are doing well and that you enjoy the Star Wars movie this week... Let me know how it is:) haha (jealous)

Elder Mitchell Hill
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Santa gave Elder Hill an early Christmas Present!!

GA sunsets + Mitchell = good picture! :)

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