Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 20, 2015 - Millidgeville GA

Hey Y'all

The package sounds great! The shoes will be much appreciated and thank you so much! The shoes that I used to wear for church in Colorado are splitting at the sole because of walking in the wet grass so much so it will be nice to have some shoes that dont get my feet wet when I walk through grass haha. 

Even though it's 4 days til Christmas it doesn't feel like Christmas at all. Like I've worn short sleeve shirts the past few days and I've never experienced a Christmas where the streets aren't covered in snow. There's something magical with snow and Georgia doesn't know what it's missing. This past week was a week that had this sense of peace and comfort knowing that I would see my family in the upcoming week, as well as knowing that we are celebrating Christ's birth in the upcoming week. On Monday we went to the lake sinclair dam where we took pictures and though about going for a quick swim haha don't worry mom I wouldn't do it. On Tuesday Elder Godwin and Elder Davis went to transfer meeting where Elder Godwin would get a new companion. Elder Davis has meant alot to me in my mission and I'm not sure if I'll see him again til I go home but it was hard saying bye to him. Elder Godwin got a new companion and his name is Elder Taggart. He's 3 months out and he's a really cool guy! He like to repel and do rock climbing in Colorado. Also on Tuesday Elder Godwin gave me a package of letters from the transfer meeting and it was full of letters from the Mckay lake ward!! It was really mind blowing because I remember when I wrote letters to missionaries when we were there and now I'm getting letters from them so it was really cool to get letters from them! On Wednesday, we biked in the rain the whole day and it reminded me of my days in Waynesboro and it was quite fun, but at the same time alot of our appointments fell through that day and the rain kind of added to the depression , but hey what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger :) Also on that day, we helped an elderly member in our ward decorate their Christmas tree, it was really cool to see how the small things in life matter and even decorating a tree for someone brings the spirit of Christmas into their life. On friday, we were biking from our appointment to go home and on the way there my front tire was all of a sudden flat and I ran over a pin that punctured my tube so I had to use the patch kit and tire pump that you gave me and I patched it right there on a busy road with tons of people watching us and honking at us and yelling "Yeah Mormons!!" Then get this on Saturday Elder Showers ran over a pin at the exact same spot where my tire got popped so we had to repair his tire the next day! So it was just crazy how I had my tire pop and he had his pop the next day at the exact same place. 

I've really enjoyed proclaiming the gospel here in Georgia especially in this Christmas season! I can't wait to talk to you on friday! We are allowed to email on Christmas Eve to set up skype so be ready on Thursday! I can't wait and I hope y'all have a good Christmas season!!

love Elder Mitchell HIll 

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Lake Sinclair Dam

Gonna Miss This Guy!

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  1. Mitchell, great to read and see some of the goings on in Georgia. I have to say there is some magic in green grass at Christmas time also;) It is pretty in Colorado with the lights reflecting against the snow, even I have to admit though. Hope all is well. Stay strong and faithful. I don't think I realized how important it is to lift even other missionaries while you are out there. Be a light to them as well as your investigators.
    Funny to hear about the flat tire thing, people honking and such. Reminds me of Kentucky. Just make sure to move far enough over to the side of the road. I hope to play ball with you someday again, and need those legs of yours in good working order. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Brother!
    Ben McEvoy