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February 1, 2016 - Millidgevile GA - Transfer Time

Hey Y'all!

Lots of changes have been happening out here for me this past week! Hahaha my hair is definitely shorter than I think it's ever been which is a change. Elder Godwin and I have got really close these past few transfers and he cut my hair for me but this time is was a bit shorter than I was expecting but in a way I kind of like it! Riding a bike with your helmet on is a lot more comfortable but the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is two weeks so it will be good:) Thats awesome to hear about Kristy! Good luck at your show Kristy I know you worked really hard to be able to be on the equestrian team! Kevin enjoy life man you get to live it once!

Life is full of changes and these past few days have definitely proved that statement true. I heard that I was being transferred on Saturday night and last night I got a call saying that I would be in the Columbus zone which is on the border of Alabama and the west side of Georgia. Then I got even more news this morning saying that I'd be the new zone leader in the Columbus zone!! I have so many mixed emotions about being a Zone Leader!! I hope that I'll live up to peoples expectations of that leadership position and that I'll be a great example to them. I'm really excited for what lies ahead in Columbus and how much my testimony will grow. There's always a feeling of inadequacy when your called to any leadership position but I know that if I do my best and work hard that everything will fall into place. 

It's been so hard saying bye to all my friends here in Milledgeville...I've really grown close to this area and the people here so alot of this week consisted of saying bye to good friends and investigators. Milledgeville has had it's ups and downs and thats why I feel so close to this area because I put alot into this area and I've learned so much here that it will be hard saying bye for a little while. On Monday I relived alot of the feelings I used to have after a long day in the gym. I was able to play basketball with some members in the church that play for their high school and guess what.. I still got it. I played them 2-on-1 and beat a 6'6 kid and a really good shooter. We played 21 three times and didn't lose and at the end of the day I ended up playing for 6 hours and I had some of the level of soreness I had at home and I really missed that feeling.We went to a Baptist bible study this Wednesday at the college and it was actually really spiritual. The songs they sang were really inspired and powerful, but they just dont have the fullness of the gospel. They teach mostly correct doctrine but they lack the authority and other essential characteristics of "The true church". It's a common occurrence here in the south where they teach great things but they just are missing bits and pieces. An analogy for this would be like the church is trying to bake a cake without milk. Haha you got to have all the ingredients to have a "true" cake:)  I also had to say bye to Shanita Wallace this week who was a really strong investigator for us that has lots of potential. I know that if the missionaries continue to teach her that she'll be able to make baptismal covenants with the Lord. But throughout this week I just said bye to good friends and people I cared alot about. Being a missionary has allowed me to unlock a new level of love for people in general and even more for my family:) I look at people now more of children of God than just people.

 The missionaries here in this area have meant so much to me as well. Elder Godwin, Elder Taggart, and Elder Showers have meant so much to me and I've made some life long friends here in Milledgeville. Elder Godwin is one of the greatest friends I've ever had and he's helped me so much out here. We will be friends for life. I've loved training Elder Showers, he is always wanting to be the best missionary he can be and he strives to do his best and Elder Taggart has been great support for me when I was going through some rough times. But I know I'll see them again but I know that these men have changed my life for the better and I hope I've made a positive affect on their life too. I'm excited to be a zone leader and go through all the fun trials that being a Zone leader entails:)

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH and the church is true:)

-Mitchell Hill
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