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March 28, 2016 - Columbus GA

Hey Y'all!

Happy Easter!! Thank you so much for the package that you sent:) Gotta love the "sweet" things in life sometimes. I loved the note you sent and it made my day! We had transfers this past week and I got a new companion and his name is Elder Joshua Haines. He's from Sandy, Utah and he is quite the guy. He has a lot of bright ideas and makes the work fun too which is always a plus! He likes playing the guitar and saying "yeah dude" a lot haha.I'm glad to hear that Uncle Richard is doing well, and that spring break was fun! I'm doing pretty well and there isn't anything that I really NEED right now but there are always things that you may want, but no I'm doing great. This week had some events in it that really was not expected and I'm sure you will be shocked at and possibly laugh at one of them.

On Tuesday we had transfers and we figured out a ride to get to Macon for the transfer meeting and we got there and I saw alot of old friends that I haven't seen in a while and it was fun to see them again. I said hi to Elder Godwin, Elder Showers, Elder Taggart, and many others that was fun. I also met Elder Haines for the first time and I just knew he was gonna be a great guy! But we got back to Columbus and Elder Haines and I really got the spring cleaning fire going on and we cleaned out the compilation of missionary "junk" over the course of 5-10 years. We found food in the fridge that expired in 2009 that I didn't even know was there last transfer. We cleaned up the dust bunnies in our house, and made in look spic and span:) It's like I'm living in a whole new apartment. I introduced Elder Haines to alot of the people we are teaching and had dinner with the missionaries that serve here. It was pretty great.

On Wednesday, we helped Elder and Sister Stevens pack up their Uhaul to make their voyage out to Utah. It was really hard to see them go but I know since they are in our same stake that I'll see them again. It's good cause she can make some good food that I'm going to partake of when we have stake get togethers in Logan. We taught alot of lessons and found some really solid new investigators that day. We were passing out the easter initiative cards and people were really receptive to our message after they saw that video and it made for a great finding opportunity. We also met with a family who is  going through a pretty rough time and we gave them council and helped them out the best we could. It was one of those meeting where you had a lesson plan, but once you heard the things going on in their life, the plan changed and you just listened and comforted them. They came to church on Sunday and we are excited to help them in any way we can.

On Thursday, we taught alot of lessons and by using the Hallelujah pass along cards it created a good way to talk to people and we taught 5 other lessons on that day as well as 3 new investigators. I'm not a big numbers guy but I care about working hard and teaching people but its nice to look and see how much you've done that day and numbers help you do that. 

On friday, we had the opportunity to go to a funeral for an elderly lady. Nonmembers and members came to the church and remembered the life of Genia. You could definitely feel the spirit as we sang songs such as God be with you til we meet again. It was pretty sad, but its been a while since I've been to a funeral. But it was definitely an experience. After the funeral we went and had apartment inspections and you know the spring cleaning bug got into us and we made sure there wasnt anything Elder and Sister Paey could say besides Good Job. Mom you'd be very proud. I mean how could you live knowing that there was food in the fridge that existed back in 2009 haha. But after that we went over to Eric's place and helped him with his trees, and use machetes to cut the vines. THere hasnt been one time that I havent walked away from Erics place and not had scrapes and scratches from the thorny vines hahha. We had dinner with the Mackies on Fort Benning and they told us about their mission and their stories. 

Saturday was quite the day and boy you'll never guess what we did... So we got invited to go and help out some members on their farm. And we are on the way out there and they told us we would be helping with feed the cows bread... so we were all expecting to like poor grain or something into feeders for the cows, but oh boy were we wrong. So when we get there they showed us what they meant by that and they brought us to a trailer filled with 8 tons of expired bread in packages that we had to take out of packaging and put into another truck so that the bread can be taken to the mill and be processed for cow grain. It was so shocking to see how much bread was being thrown away from the stores cause it goes bad. And you'll see in the picture of how much bread it was but it was pretty crazy! Like we are standing on mounds of bread and it was a very interesting service project. Not only that but on his farm he sells fresh pork and fresh milk and we had to try them both:) Boy fresh cow milk is something else... soooo good!!! He loved us helping out on his farm and next week he wants us to help skin some pigs and learn how to milk cows and such so I'll keep you posted on my adventures with that.

Sunday was a very spiritual day because it was Easter and I've been reading Jesus the Christ and it just so happened that on Easter Sunday I read the events in the last week of Christs mortal ministry and we had a very spiritual sacrament meeting. We had investiagtors at church that really felt the spirit and you could tell they were starting to build their testimony of the church. I felt the spirit so strongly when a member bore her testimony about Jesus Christ and an experience she had in her life. Its amazing to experience Easter on your mission and I loved it. Elder Haines and I went out to Fort Benning and taught some soldiers about the Plan of Salvation. I love every time I go to that place because of their humbleness and their willingness to know more.

I hope ya'll had a great week and your always in my prayers:)


-Elder Hill
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