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April 11, 2016 - Columbis GA

Hey Y'all!

Well this week flew by and earlier in my mission I wondered what everyone meant when they said missions go fast and it was this past week where it felt like it was going super fast. But this past week was a great week in terms of helping people come unto Christ more and more.

On Monday I was able to play basketball for 3 hours and it made me so happy! It was definitely needed and shook off those cobwebs and got back in the grind. We also gave a blessing to the little girl from last week letter that punctured her lung and she had a successful surgery and it all went well.

Tuesday we hopped on our bikes and set off to go see some peoples. I came to a conclusion after our bike excursion that when people designed the transportation system in Georgia I think they forgot about biking because Georgia is not meant for bikers. AS we rode alongside semi trucks and cars yelling "move over" or "get off the road" even though we are practically riding on the grass. My favorite thing I've been yelled at is "Go back to Utah!!" I can never get enough of that one and I just chuckle and I'm pretty sure they see me in their mirror as they speed away. But we biked all over Columbus and found a bike path that cuts right through the city and helps the stressful ride tremendously. We met  3 nice guys in an area while we were trying a potential investigator and they haven't heard of the church before and wanted to know more so I'll keep you posted. Later in the day we met with a family we have been working with and we were able to commit her to be baptized for May 28th and we are very excited for that because it was just one of those spiritual lessons you'd dream of as a missionary. 

On Wednesday I had one of the last interviews with President Cottle with him being our mission president and every time I get to visit with President Cottle it is quite the blessing. He is an inspired man and has helped my testimony tremendously. I absolutely loved sharing this time with him. Both Sister Cottle and President Cottle have solid testimonies and they've really helped me solidify mine as a servant of the Lord. But Wednesday we taught lots of lessons and it was a good day. I also finished my training for Zone Training meeting and finalized that.

On Thursday we had our Zone Training meeting that both Elder Haines and I led. All the missionaries seemed to love it! We have a portion of the meeting dedicated to introductions and the missionaries would say their name, where their from, and if your favorite band made a cover of a hymn what hymn and band would it be? It was funny because President Mccoy and a few Senior couples all said old time bands and all the missioanries said bands that I didn't even know existed, but it was really funny. Elder Haines and I both gave 2 15 minute training's. I gave a training on Joy and used some stories from home and Alma 29:1-10 to help base my training on. I though it went very well. Then my second training was on integrity and doing the right thing when no one is watching. It all went pretty well. I was very pleased with my training's! After ZTM we went on exchanges and I was with Elder Packard for the day and we had a blast together seeing people and loving life.

On Friday most of our day was driving to Americus and planning for the day. Americus is an awesome little town, one of the pictures I'm sending is a picture of a hotel from the civil war and its super retro! Also on the way back Elder Haines taught me how to use Cruise control in the car and boy cruise control saves lives!! I'll tell you what!!I thought it was the coolest thing ever haha.

Saturday was an awesome day!We had service in the morning where we helped unpackage bread again and this time we did another 8 tons and it still blows my mind. Stay tuned cause next week we are going to be slaughtering a pig on his farm and we are about to have a great mission story I can feel it. It was Elder Haines birthday so the AP's came by and said hi to us and gave Elder Haines a hug and some muddy buddies cause hey everyone loves muddy buddies:) Later that night we had a ward luau and it was sooo cool! It was an awesome turnout and so many people fellow shipped. They had a legit Samoan haka and dancers it was super cool. I took lots of videos!!

Sunday! We had church and our investigators came and it was awesome! I bore my testimony on scriptures and the power of prayer. Mom and Dad would be proud! Later in the day we had a fireside with the youth and had a panel of people of answering the questions of our day and it was really good! We have awesome youth here:)

I love you guys!!! Always know that!!
Civil War Hotel in Americus!

Samoans are Awesome!

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