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April 18, 2016 - Columbus, GA

Hey Y'all!
I'm so glad yall were able to meet the Stevens they are such great people! But yes the weather is heating up and I'm ready to get this Georgia summer on bikes and walking out of the way so I'm just anxiously waiting haha, I'll drink lots of water and keep that sweat rag out and on the ready at all times. This past week was a very interesting and fast paced week and we had so many small details to hit this week with a baptism and exchanges in Auburn. 

On Tuesday I went on exchanges in Auburn with Elder Burgess and we had district meeting before and after the meeting we went to Wendy's to eat and knowing me you'll know that Wendy's is a no go for me haha so Elder Haines and I have started to pack lunches for lunches and we are saving so much money and staying healthy on fruit, veggies and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Elder Burgess and I had a good day on exchanges in Auburn trying to keep our eyes off of the sidewalks of the pretty girls there at Auburn. Hahah gotta keep those thoughts clean ya know haha, we visited less actives and members, and walked a ton. It was a very fun day. Its pretty crazy and I felt like I had jet lag in the morning because there is an hour time difference in Alabama and Georgia so I had to stay up an hour longer and wake up an hour earlier which was kind of funky.

On Wednesday we exchanged back and had our district meeting in Columbus. After the district meeting we were trying to figure out where to eat and we decided to go to the mall eventhough there was a shooting there a few days ago andwe were skeptical but we fdidnt stay too long and just got food and left. Elder Haines and I both brought lunch, we be savin money and lookin good! After that we spent a majority of the day at the hospital trying to not get lost in the thousands of hallways at the St Francis hospital. But we gave a few blessings to members in the hospital and Elder Haines and I are both shocked to how many people in our ward are ill stricken and we are trying to help as much as we can. After the hospital endeavor we met with the Bishop, and the mom of Justin Robinson (the person we baptized on Saturday) about Justin and his desire to be baptized and it was a very good meeting filled with the spirit.

On Thursday, we comeced with Justin Robinsons baptism on Saturday and we went to Phenix City to get the Elders there so that we could interview him. Justin is a very special and funny kid, we were sitting in the living room talking with Sister Johnson and all we hear in the other room is Justin yelling "I want to pay tithing so bad!!!" We sat there and were like YESSS! That scream followed by a concourse of what sounded like drumsticks hitting pillows on his bed, so from this vague experience you can tell he was quite excited to be baptized. Then on the way back to Phenix City we had a learning experience, so we were at the Post office and Elder Cobler was sending his winter clothes home and there was a huge line and so he decided to use the self automated package center. He got all of his packages paid for  but we missed a small detail when we could move the lever to release the packages into the basket. WE then read on the machine that this basket is for packages 7 ounces or less.... and we were like who sends a package less than seven ounces?? So we hope his packages got put in the right basket.We then dropped them off and rushed back for our appointment at 2:00 and shared the Restoration with him. Later in the day we were on the way to our dinner appointment and I saw in the distance 2 10 year old kids playing some basketball.... You probably already know what happened next but I was like... "Elder Haines we gotta play!!! And he said yeah baby lets go!! And we walk up and ask if we can play and they said sure. They then ask"Are you good at basketball and I was like "kinda I havent played much..." Then I could already see the wheels in there head say we are going to slaughter these guys in white shirts. So I was shooting terribly and I acted as if the ball was a forein object , and kicking it everywhere and I said "are we gonna play??" "They were like are you sure you want to?" "I said why not" .... first possession I did a in'n'out crossover and he fell over!! and then the rim was kind of bent and I dunked it and people were watching in the neighborhood and they were screaming and laughing!!! Such a great time!

On Friday, we went ot the hospital to see Brother Foster and he has been battling cancer for a while and he kept on asking How I was and that Elder Haines and I were so tall. Also the missionary that baptized them a few years ago was there and we spent some time with Brother Foster before we left to get something to eat. The conversation went from Taco Bell , to Zaxby's, and then drastically went to Koreana. Koreana is a Korean resturant and in my head I'm thinking okay its probably going to be like Chinese food but Oh boy was I wrong. I ended experimenting a bit and got this dish with squid and octopus in a tangy red sauce.... You could see the tenticles and I was very skeptical and when I ate the squid I was shocked at how chewy it was, the sauce blocked the actual taste of it out but oh boy was it chewy and the texture is like out of this world bumpy! But I tried my best to finish it haha. Then we had a dinner with a family  and had a good chat with the Johnson about the last days and politics and all the mess in the world haha.

On Saturday, we went to the Johnsons place and Elder Haines and I saved Brother Johnsons back and moved some 200 pounds stumps to the back of the house. We PICKED THEM UP LIKE SAMOANS!! Haha we then went to the church and filled the font and got the church ready to go. Now the baptism was scheduled for 2:00 and its a nightmare for missionaries for their investigator to not show up for the baptism and it came true.... At least for a half an hour and then he showed up and it all went swimmingly. It was awesomethe spirit was so strong! We then went to Justins baptism party. So in the south there is no party without some meat on the grill. And we got some great southern slang phrases in that party. So picture this sentence in the most southern voice you can think of..."One of the worst things someone can put sausage is cheese, if Ima put cheeze in my sausage I'm gonna put it on top" Great stuff!We then met with Dennis and Kenya and Kotana and tried to fix her fridge.

On Sunday, our nightmare came true when Justin didnt show up for sacrament meeting to get the Holy Ghost and he will be out of town for 2 weeks and sooo he might need to be baptized again. But yerah... we'll keep you posted. We then went to fort benning and taught the soliders. We met with President Coleman and gave a blessing to a member and had a great Sunday!!


-Elder Mitchell Hill 
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BEA-Utiful Georgia!

Before Justin Robinson's Baptism!

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