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November 15, 2015 - Milledgeville, GA

Hey Fam!!

The mission stories just keep adding up! Being a trainer is definitely an experience that has helped me focus on the work and has helped me strive to be the most obedient missionary I can be. Being a senior companion and being out for more time than your companion is kind of crazy because he expects that you know what your doing even though I'm still a fairly young missionary and I'm still learning. I've just really had to grow up and take control of this situation and even though it's not easy when have I backed down from a challenge. My new companions' name is Elder Connor Showers and he's fresh out of the MTC. He's from Sacramento, California, but he's been living in Heriman, Utah for the past 3 years. He asks lots of questions, but hey that's alright cause I have lots of answers:) So about my bike, so on transfer day Elder Schiers was able to repair his bike and his bike it literally a brand new trek bike and it's so nice! He told me that he'd give me a call at the end of this transfer (Dec 15th) to figure out how I can get it. Boy do I need a new bike... 

So I don't mean to scare mom or anyone, but after transfer meeting and we came back to Millidgeville and we headed out on our bikes. We visited alot of people and on the way to see our last investigator I had another car to bike incident :) Don't worry guys I wasn't hurt, but my bike has definitely had it. So this one definitely wasn't my fault, so we crossed this busy street and we were in this government housing neighborhood and all of a sudden this car stopped in the road. We were probably going like 5 mph  and I started to slow down to see what the car would do. There was a parking spot by the road and thinking he was trying to find a house I tried to pass him, but he started to back into the spot and I swerved out of the way and hopped onto the curb but he clipped my back tire and I didn't fall but my tire bent a little bit. I didn't know that until I bike away though. So all in all I'm okay and I just need to make it to Dec 12th for my new bike. It's just whenever I bike my back tire rubs against my brake pads so it makes  it a bit harder, but I can stride it out.

So if your still planning on a birthday/ Christmas package I was thinking about it and I'm almost out of pages in my 2nd journal so if your able to send me a new journal that would be awesome! the fit bit would be pretty cool to have to but that's up to you guys. I'm not sure how our money is right now but I hope we are doing better. I've been praying for you guys! Thanksgiving sounds so much fun in Montana make sure to tell Grandma and Grandpa I love them and tell everyone hi for me!

Besides my little car incident this week has been quite amazing! There is a 12 year old that is really close to a member of the church and we began to teach him this past week and invited him to be baptized! He accepted and he is excited to be baptized on December 12th! I'm so excited for him!! As well as getting someone on date Elder Showers and I are really good at acting on service and missionary opportunities to serve and for me basketball is a great way for missionary experiences. We played H-O-R-S-E with 5-6 guys in the government housing and after the game of horse I played 1-on-1 with a guy that played in college and beat him 21-16! We also taught him a lesson after that! Haha! I wished I could've got a picture with them but when we finished it was pretty late and dark and I didn't want to pull out my camera in front of all those guys that late at night. So instead we played HORSE with some kids later in the week and I got a few pictures of that:)

Also this week it was crazy to hear about the attacks in Paris. We went to Brother Fraleys house on Thursday and we heard about the attacks in Paris and that is just crazy. The more time I'm down here the more I see the world turning away from the Lord and following the natural man and it's just a downward spiral. But I keep on trying to be that light in the world and hopefully peiople will notice:) 

I Love you guys so much and I pray for you everyday! Send some snow down, it will be weird having a green Christmas haha:)


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Doing Missionary Work playing ball!!

Two Missionaries in Georgia!

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