Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 22, 2015 - Milledgeville, GA

Hey Hill Family!

Thats really funny about the Northside Baptist Church! They had these prayer request slips in the church and I thought it would be "cute" to put our address on it:) Haha but yes we are getting around. We haven't converted him yet haha but it's all about planting seeds so who knows:) I didn't know that dad got hit by two cars too! I guess we are just father like son:) Elder Schiers should be able to get his bike to me because we have a Christmas zone conference in Tifton, Georgia on December 8th and I'll be able to switch bikes with him then so it should work out! 
I've come to know that every week in the mission just teaches you or molds you in some sort of way and this week testified of that. On Tuesday I was on exchanges with the District Leader and I had all these plans set and while we were biking to see our first appointment Elder Holdaway's bike chain busted and the other elders had to come pick us up in the car to drop it off at the bike shop. So we were with them for the majority of the day and around the end of the day we had a pretty important appointment to go to but we had no other way to get there than by walking so we started off on the 7 mile one way walk. You could definitely say that there was less tread on my shoes after that experience. Then later in the week in Thursday Elder Showers' tonsils were hurting and we found out he was allergic to something here and he had to get medicine for the inflammation so we had to bike about 25 miles in multiple directions to get all our appointments and help Elder Showers out. Not to mention it was raining like CRAZZY! On Saturday we had a fun ward get together where we had this paintball obstacle course which was so much fun! Then later in the day we helped out one of our investigators will a non-profit event where she fed homeless children at a park! It was pretty cool to see:) Then yesterday Elder Showers woke up and told me that he was sick and he felt like he was going to throw up so we had to stay home from church and stay inside the whole day... Members from our ward came by and dropped off some soups and crackers for him, but other than that my day consisted of reading Genesis through Exodus and reading up to Mosiah in the Book of Mormon. And it had to be Sunday that he got sick because I couldn't work out cause it was the Sabbath but I definitely learned lots but at the same time yesterday was very SLOW! He slept about 16 hours yesterday and was still tired. But yeah this week was just another day of being a trainer I guess haha:)

I hope you guys have an awesome time up at the cabin! Take lots of pictures and send them! Thanks for all that you do and just think in a month I get to skype you and see you! BTW let me know how we are going to work that out. Make sure that someone has the Skype app and let me know the phone number. I LOVE YOU GUYS and have an awesome week!

Elder Mitchell Hill
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