Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 10, 2016 - Millidgeville GA

Hey Guys!

I'm glad that you're all doing well and that you liked my last letter! The rain was definitely a refreshing experience and I have alot of stories from that day!  I'm loving the south. The college here in Milledgeville is starting back up again today and all four missionaries here are super exciting for their arrival cause there will be life in Milledgeville again! Exciting stuff!

I dont know how to characterize this week really, but there definitely were some touching moments this week that really strengthened my testimony that God has a hand in all of our lives. Tuesday we had a pretty unreal experience that really allowed me to realize that God puts people into our path that we are supposed to meet. So on Tuesday the other missionaries Elder Godwin and Elder Taggart met Redginal Mosley who asked them if they knew a Mrs. Jennings. They werent sure and told him that they werent sure but they would later realize that Mrs. Jennings is actually Mrs. Pressley but her husband passed away and got a name change. So later that night we had dinner in the main street of Milledgeville at The Brick. We explained the story to her and found out that Redginal Mosley is friends with sister Pressleys son, Clay. Then we found out that Clay ( Sister Pressleys son) worked in the management of Century Link and Elder Showers step brother worked at century link and found out that clay fired Elder Showers brother!!! It was pretty comical and a funny connection ,but then it gets better. We stopped at Wal-mart later that night and met Keith Jones who is friends with Mrs. Pressleys and it was just a crazy connecting line of relationships that day that blew our mind at how God puts us in places where we'd find people to teach.

On Thursday we had our zone training meeting and found out that we would have no more transfer meetings and that there would be change as to how transfers will work now so we will see what happens. But Elder Murphy gave an awesome training on the G-R-I-N-D (Grateful-Realistic-Integrity-Noble-Determined). He really made me realize the reasons for why I'm out here and really put a picture in my head about how I want to remember my mission. I also said goodbye to some of some missionaries I knew back in Waynesboro that were going home and I'll miss them.

On Saturday, there's this family that was referred to us by a member in our ward and the family has 3 younger kids that are pretty adorable if I say so myself. The little boys name is Pressley and he is super cool and the little girls name is Emmalyn and they LOVE playing with us. So one day we were playing four square with them and apparently the parents were watching us the entire time. Before this time we went over probably 2-3 times and played with them and this past week the Dad came out and Pressley went to his dad and asked him if he could go to church. It went from a plea to an all out cry! I didn't know what to do but Pressley really wanted to come to church and the Dad said they would go to church but they didn't actually come but you never know what might happen from being with those kids and teaching them how to have some good fun! 

It was a solid week and I also realized that time is definitely starting to pick up and I'm realizing how people say that their missions go by fast...

I LOVE YOU GUYS and the church is TRUE!
-Elder Hill

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Pressly and sister and Elder Hill in Millidgeville GA!

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