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January 3, 2016 - Millidgeville, GA

Hey Y'all:)

Boy my mission keeps on getting more and more exciting as I spend more time here, so much happened this week that was memorable and positive! I'm glad you got to see Star Wars! I'm really excited to see it when I get back! I'm glad everyone is doing well and getting back into school and work!

This past week was one week that had memorable physical and spiritual experiences. On Wednesday we were biking from our appointment with an investigator and it started to drizzle and about  5 minutes later it was an all out downpour and we were 5 miles from our house. So we biked in rain where it was almost unbearable to see going about 5 mph. Cars were honking and staring at us thinking we were either dumb, crazy, or they were impressed. We got to the church cause it was the closest place for refuge and found the other missionaries that serve here. We walked in like nothing was wrong except we were drenched and they looked out the window and saw how hard it was raining so they decided to go get wet too! So we had to take some pics of us in the rain:) It made for some great pictures! But because we got stuck biking in the rain the next day Elder Showers got sick and we had to stay in til 4:00so I read  in the book Jesus the Christ and from the scriptures. 

Sunday was day that I could see the fruits of our labor in this area. There is a member in the ward and his name is Brother Fraley and he is a return missionary from Oakland and he fell away from the church for a good while for varying reasons. Elder Showers and I have made a concerted effort to try and reactivate him back into the church and it has been a long process, but Brother Fraley came to church for the first time in 2-3 years! When I saw him come through the doors in the chapel I started to tear up because I somehwat felt what one of my purposes on mission is. I feel like I connect really well with less active members in our church and its a work that I'm always excited to do. So as soon as he came back to the church and members of the church were hugging him and shaking his hand I had this warm impression that this is one of my purposes here in Georgia is to do all I can to bring those lost sheep back into the fold of God. Not only Brother Fraley but 2 other less actives that have been coming pretty often came on Sunday too but they made great strides where they actually bore there own testimonies in fast and testimony meeting. So even though I haven't had the opportunity to baptize anyone yet, I felt like yesterday was "like" a baptism where I saw people turn there lives to Christ and change their old ways and become better. Brother Fraleys new year resolution is to go to church every sunday for the whole year! Wooooo!

Later on Sunday we were doing less active work and we were walking to the car and there were a few kids playing some ball and I asked if they wanted to play a game and  if we won we had to teach them about  Jesus and their purpose in life... I can't pass up a chance like that... THey were playing on a hoop that was 8 feet tall and well lets just say it went down.. I dunked on so many kids it wasn't funny. THe competitive Mitch came out in me and I had to show it out:) There was a play where I drove past this guy and I took one dribble and leaped and met him in the air and while I was in the air I realized my knee was by his head  and I jumped over the kid and flushed it down!!! Kids were screaming and they took videos with their phones and I'm sure I was all over twitter in the mid Georgia area haha:) But since we won we gave them pass along cards and I shared John 4 with them and talked about the Samaritan woman and how humble Jesus was during that whole dialogue and how he loves all His children. 

I LOVE YOU GUYS and I hope you have a great week!!
Elder Hill

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Mitchell and Elders in Rain!

Looking back on RR tracks!

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