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January 17, 2016 - Millidgeville GA

Hey Y'all!

This past week had alot of dynamic experiences and I'm not sure how to describe it without telling you about it. On Tuesday we had our district meeting and Elder Godwin gave a really powerful training on loving the people. He talked about how we should treat people and putting an arm around them and being their friend, instead of just being a salesmen kind of missionary but genuinely caring for the people you're teaching. It really stuck with me. Then alter that day we attended "House Church" which is a college bible study where they sing contemporary gospel songs that are SUPER repetitive. During all of the songs it's interesting seeing people worship in different ways. Some people stand up and raise their hands to the sky and scream or people are reverent and have their hands open. But their reasons for worshiping arent what they should be. It's as if they think the more they praise the better they will to their peers so its all for the social aspect  and not necessarily to praise God.  Then after the singing there is a college kid who preaches about a topic in the bible and alot of what he says is powerful compelling speeches but it just gets super long talking about the same thing.

On Friday, we met with Shanita Wallace and  I contacted her back in October but we were never able to find her house because the road she lived on was really hard to find and she had a hard time explaining where she lived and we stayed in contact for two months sharing messages with her and praying we'd be able to meet her one day. This past few weeks have been answers to prayers with her because she moved from her secluded house into apartments that are very easy to find. We were able to find her and build a solid relationship with her. This past week Califf Smith, who just returned from his mission in the Arizona Mesa mission came out with us and we read through some powerful verse in the Book of Mormon paired with earnest testimony. The spirit was very strong and Brother Smith was a huge part of that. I'm really excited for her because of how promising she seems. 

Then Saturday I earned my bicycling merit badge again in that day alone haha:) We biked from various places in Milledgeville that spanded over 20-25 miles and the roads we rode on ranged from dirt roads to highways but we had no other way to reach our appointments than to trust in the Lord that everything would work out and that we would be smart in our travels. We made it back in sfaety but before we went home I saw these two guys playing basketball and I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that. So I asked if I could play them 2-on-1. They were talking trash and saying "You can't play in those work clothes" and jokingly I was like      "Yeah well it will make your loss hurt that much more"and it turns out I won 2 games to 21 21-12, and 21-15. I also ripped my soles off one of my dress shoes but it's okay cause they were the ones that had a hole in the bottom before I played them. It was awesome!

Sunday was a really cool day we listened to a stake conference broadcast from Salt Lake City talking about the importance of temple work and how we can use them more effectively. Later that day we went to the Weltz' house and they fed us REALLY good food. They never disappoint. They also did the most generous thing... they bought me 2 dress slacks and a pair of jeans. I couldn't thank them enough. They just wanted me to have what I needed and they knew my family would want me to have what I needed so they gave me that blessing. They are one of my favorite members I've met on my mission. Then later that day we met with Kenneth one of our investigators and we shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with him and after he took us over to his sisters house where Cathy really wants us to talk with her about the gospel and our church so I'm very excited for that!

All is well! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! 

Love Elder Mitchell Hill

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