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April 25, 2016 - Columbus, GA

Hey Y'all!

This past week was busy as always and it seems as if the more time I spend in the mission field the faster the time goes. It was very hectic but on the lack of time I'll give you a shorter version of my week.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges in Lanett, Alabama and I was with Elder Wells for the day! The area in Lanettt has been slower than it has in the past and I was determined to put some work in for that area! We started out by walking to this street called 2nd Ave and lets just say its not the "cleanest" nor best neighborhood in the world. We literally talked to everyone we could and so many people were outside enjoying the weather and whatnot. We taught 10 other lessons found some investigators that have been lost because of the lack of recording in the Area Book for that area and you could say it was a very spirit guided day. I mean everyday should be a spirit guided day, but this day was evident by the results we had.

On Wednesday, we drove to Columbus and had District meeting there where we talked about the principle of obedience and it was a very cool training and very powerful! After District meeting we saw a few less actives and met with some of our investigators. We had dinner with the Alstons who are AMAZING and they are moving to Hawaii for an Army base up there so we are sad to see them go. Brother Alston had a hilarious comment when we asked" How long have y'all been married?" "She started out by saying" About 2 years" and Brother Alston to his wife..."Bruh its been like 3 years" Hahaha it was just one of those moments you had to be there for. We also had an ice cream night with Ft Bennings branch President, and boy it was good!

On Thursday, we had a pretty fun day! We went out to a farm where we unpackaged bread again and unpackaged more than we ever had before a whopping 10 tons!! It was incredible! We laso were able to clean out a pigs head and get it prepared for the smoker. The pictures dont do it justice of how bloody it was haha! But we helped them out with that and had a great time! Later that night we had an awesome experience for me cause any day where you play basketball out here is a good day and here in Columbus we have basketball nights like we had back in Colorado and it made me so happy to be able to play a full 5-on-5 game again! There was a good amount of nonmembers there and it made for a good night of fellowship.

On Friday, we had a day of planning and we also explored on our bikes this place called Cooper Creek park. It would definitely be a place where I'd take a date hahah! But there was tons of frogs and turtles and swans and the sunset was pretty it was pretty great!We also had a scary experience when we were riding our bikes home, it was pretty dark and we were almost home when we were trying to cross the street to go into the gas station to make it shorter and safer, Elder Haines signaled and went, but there was a car that sped up and he put himself in a really awkward and difficult place for me. But I said to myself its better to be patient and stay where I'm at opposed to jumping out like I did when I broke my arm, so I waited he honked and I went. It worked out but I had flashbacks of when I broke my arm. Also people here don't give bike riders much space so when you ride you've got to be careful and stay on that white line.

On Saturday, Kristina and Dad you would've loved this place but we went to a horse ranch where we did service for a member in Pine Mountain. We were moving logs to a pile in a pasture of horses. It was very pretty and it was pretty crazy of how horses love you! So Kristy and Dad I kind of got the cowboy spirit in me from that. I never would think I would say this but Horses are and cute. hahah Later that day we had dinner with a body builder and you could guess I picked his brains! We also watched the Testaments with some investigators and the spirit at the end of the  movie really was so strong!!

On Sunday we had a full day of scheduled people to go see and we taught many lessons, had church, and continued to preach the gospel!!

Michelle HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Y'all are awesome and I LOVE YOU!!

-Elder Hill
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Mitchell Hill
Cleaning out a pigs head! 

Elders by a Georgia pond!

Pretty Horsey!!

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