Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 16, 2016 - Columbus, GA

Hey Y'all!

It sounds like y'all are doing so great! Keep on keeping on with of your doings in Utah! 

This past week was super SUPER busy....

On Tuesday, we had a fun and interesting day. We helped out at the food bank and helped them box more food which is always invigorating. We did 3 palettes of food which is more than they've ever had 2 people do before in just 2 hours so thats something to be proud of. After that Elder Haines and I went on an adventure out to a small, microscopic town called Mauk. We went out there to give a blessing for Sister Seeley who was going to have surgery later that week and comfort that only the spirit can provide. The only traffic there is a tumbleweed crossing the road and the occasional turtle or squirrel. We weren't able to find a member to take us out there but we went out there in our car. While we were driving there we spotted a tortoise flipped on its shell trying to flip over to it's stomach after it fell from a mound of dirt. So Elder Haines and I did a good thing and saved it and put it on the other side of the road:) We found out later that it was an endangered species of tortoise too which made it even better. We then went on splits with a few members of the youth to cover a few appointments where Ken and I went and visited a family and as we watched the Hope of Gods light with them the spirit guided the lesson and we were able to help answer some of their own personal questions.

On Wednesday, we did some MORE service at the Food Bank and tried to beat our record but we couldn't get it because we didnt have as much time. We met with Stephen later in the afternoon and read the culminating moment in the Book of Mormon where Christ comes to the Americas after the Resurrection with him and he could definitely see why the Book of Mormon is important to the world after the lesson. It was cool he told us that "The Book of Mormon really helps me solidify my testimony in Jesus Christ!" We were like Yessir!!!

On Thursday, we had our zone training meeting that Elder Haines and I planned out and prepared for all week. It went super well and the spirit was very strong! My training was all about why we came on missions and why its important that we magnify our calling as missionaries because it can mold and shape our lives. So the motive of my training was to pump them up, which I have practice with for sure!! For most of my training I used Jefferey R. Holland's talk "The Miracle of a Mission" and took passages from it. A passage that really stood out to everyone was a passage about President Gordon B. Hinkleys mission and how during the beginning of his mission he wanted to come home and our zone was shocked that the prophet struggled on his mission. If a prophet can struggle than we can all struggle. I talked about being a spiritually hungry missionary and we need to feed our souls with obedient things instead of eating "food" that can take our mind away from our mission. My training went very well and people told me that my training was AWESOME and you always got to feel good after that especially when the training was 30 minutes and each minute was of value to the missionaries there. After ZTM I went on exchanges in Auburn where I would be on exchanges with a spanish missionary and it would just so happen that I would speak Spanish for the day. So I had to get all my high school Spanish cobwebs off and go to work! We met Alabama's strongest body builder in the world and I "lifted" with him or at least tried to hang with the amount of weight he had. He was quite a big guy haha! After that we went over to a members house where one of their cats was giving birth to four kittens and I'll tell you what cats give quite a loud MEOWW during kitten birth and that sure was interesting to see.

On Friday, we planned all day and met with a few less active members way up north and met a couple that found each other at Utah Sate and haha after we had that chat with them it got me pumped for the future!

On Saturday, we got to the ranch where we do service on Saturdays and the first thing we were told was that we would be working with the Horses that day. So we head over to the barn and (Kristy and Dad get ready to be proud) they give Elder Haines and I a brush and told us to go into these stalls and brush the horses and instantly my mind jumped back to when I saw Kristy and Dad brush horses and after getting comfortable around the horse I brushed it and made all its hair look shiny:) Then we brushed some donkeys, and mules and even played with a newborn goat that was adorable:) Then this where it gets good, so then he gave us a pick and showed us how to clean out a horses hoof. So you know me I dont back down fro ma challenge and he showed me the first time out to position the hood and scrape the muck from the hoof. Well, as I was doing my second horse and getting the hang of it, I picked up on of the horse's hooves on his back end and guess what, he started to poop right as I was leaning down to clean his hooves.... HAHAHAHA luckily it didnt get on me or anything but it sure did smell!! It was alot of fun working on the farm though and we also saw a new baby foal being born which was pretty fun! Later that day we were knockin a few doors and we were having a good amount of success and we knocked on this one guys door and it turns out he was a police officer. At that same time this lady comes up and asks us about if we had a permit to knock doors in the neighborhood. So we show them our licenses but she said no you have to go to the police station and get a permit. Then the cop didnt really support her but said that we should probably go. So needless to say we got kicked out of the neighborhood but it was for a good cause.

Sunday was an AWESOME day, the spirit was very strong in church, lots of people came and things are going well in Columbus. We have made some great progress with one lady who was homeless she is staying at a recent converts home and they are getting along well which is sweet!! I know that the gospel has been restored and that Christ can help us overcome all the pains and weaknesses we may feel. That as we search him out that he will bless us with added knowledge and guidance in our daily lives.


-Elder Hill

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200 Pounds of Concrete!

Savin Lives including a endangered Tortise!!

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