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May 9, 2016 - Columbus, GA

Hey y'all!!

It was so much fun being able to Skype with you yesterday! I wish time would go in slow motion during those calls because time always seems to fly by and I'm already looking forward for the next call so I'll be able to Skype. But in the meantime I'll work hard as a missionary! This past week was sure a busy week with so many activities, service, and finding new people to teach every single day. We have had major success this past week finding people as well as working with less actives with a lack of testimony.

On Tuesday, it was quite the day of service as wek went to the Valley Food Bank in the morning boxing food and putting the boxes of food onto palettes for people who are less fortunate. Since I'm a competitive person and winning motivates me, I asked the lady who was in charge "Whats the record for the number of palettes done in 2 hours??" She responded" I dont know it depends on how many people do it, BUT maybe we can look into a record of palette competition." So inside I was like"LET'S GO BABY!!!"  After we finished service we were prompted to go visit Sister Meadows who just happened to be doing yard work in the heat of the day and looked like she could use a hand. We helped her trim her bushes, helped her get brush from in between her bushes, and it made me feel good that I listened the promptings of the spirit and fulfilled a need that day! During service, since it was transfer day we were figuring out all the new companionship's in the zone and we have some awesome missionaries here in the Columbus zone and both Elder Haines and I are very excited for all the missionary work that will come to pass in this next transfer!

On Wednesday, We helped out at the Food Bank again and we had less help that day than on Tuesday, but we worked very hard and got the same number of palettes done with just Elder Haines and I which I though was a great accomplishment. It just feels really good to do service and it's impossible not to smile after you do service:) Wednesday night was one to remember. We ran into someone last week that was searching for God in her life and it just so happened that she asked what we did as missionaries. I replied and told her about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, essentially told her about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and answered some questions that she had in her life. I know she was someone I was supposed to meet her on my mission and on Wednesday we were able to sit down with a a member of the bishopric and get a "self reliance" plan to help her get on her feet. The spirit was so strong, we started off the meeting with this video, many of you have probably seen it before ,but the message of the video cannot be talked about to much It really brought the spirit and as we talked about Jesus Christ and hope and gaining strength in our trials through Christ we were able to help her make a plan to get back on her feet. It was just a strengthening visit as we let God's love embrace us as we talked about aspects of the restored gospel and it's powerful seeing someone you just met and gain their trust and they feel that you care for them as God does.

On Thursday, we were able to go to the Food Bank AGAIN and pack boxes! Haha and you can definitely say we are good at packing boxes now! Another great thing happened that day as we were able to help someone commit for baptism in July which we are very excited about and I know that he made the right decision. Now it's just helping him feel God's love and use that love to help him through a few addictions and issues.

Friday, was quite the stressful day. The lady we met with to help her get back on her feet, she lost her car and turned to us to help her find a place to stay... One of the hardest lessons I've learned here on my mission is seeing so many needs for people but because we are just missionaries and our main purpose is to TEACH people we are restricted to how MUCH we can help. It feels like we have our hands tied around our backs sometimes as people explain their problems with finances or disabilities they have and I want nothing more than to just help them solve those problems but we can only teach them about how God can help and its up to them to decide to trust God and show their faith. I have faith that God will deliver them from their trials, BUT the trick is to help them feel that way. So throughout the day we were trying to discern how far we could go with this because its really not our place to ask church members to provide shelter for people we are teaching. There's a lady who was baptized a few months ago who went through a similar home less situation and this lady offered to help and provide sheleter for the lady we were teaching for no rent money!! WE visited with her and just in awe of that and how Christlike that decision was and we were so grateful for her. 

On Saturday, we had a primary activity for the kids and the activity was called "A Book of Mormon Adventure" where the kids would go through stories in the Book of Mormon and learn to follow the prophet. So Elder Haines were asked to be Samuel and Nephi and in a first person view tell the story in 2 Nephi chapter 5:1-12. It was really fun leading the kids (family) through the wilderness and teaching them that story. 

On Sunday, It was MOTHER'S DAY!!! I'll say it again, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAYYY MOM I LOVE YOU!!! The highlight of the day was definitely Skyping home to the best family eva!! And I look forward to it every single time. We also met this family on Sunday who has 4 kids and they all are very interested in looking into the church for their answers in the gospel. They are very sincere and I'll keep you updated with them. One of the kids asked us..."How do we know if a church has authority?" First off, he's twelve and is asking good questions of the soul which you dont see in alot of kids. We answered and talked about how the priesthood was restored and Joesph Smith's story. It made alot of sense to him and as we read in the Book of Mormon about the 2000 stripling warriors and because of the way the warriors were taught by their mothers the righteous way to live (Alma 56:47) they were brought up with God in their heart which allowed all 2000 not to be killed. So.. to all the mothers out there...especially to my Mom!! Thanks for all you do and if it wasnt for you I wouldnt be where I am today. And since I'm on the subject of families, if it wasnt for my dad I wouldnt have been taught how I should and I also wouldnt be here right now with you dad:) And you gotta have your siblings to good around with too so thanks for the support y'all:)


-Elder Mitchell Hill
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